One man’s trash…

Ok, so you’re immediately thinking this is a post about flea marketing or attic diving, and yet, it’s not. One man’s trash is a reason to build a trash bin. That man, you ask? My dad.

Many years ago, my Dad built the trash bin you see in the above pic that’s at the end of the kitchen peninsula. Rather than tuck it under the sink, which is most common, this bin was used for standard, non-garbage, trash. I think he made it from a kit sometime in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and it resembles an antique grain bin.

Similar to this found on Ruby Lane. Isn’t the color spectacular?

Or this, on Live Auctioneers – another beautiful color too!

And here is one from Bee Haven Acres that is very much like my Dad’s, this one used as a laundry hamper:

When I recently cleaned out my parent’s house, I wasn’t initially going to take the trash bin – it had seen better days (don’t let the pic above fool you, it was a bit worse for wear and needed refinishing). But, as a friend pointed out, my Dad did make it and it would come in handy. So glad I did!

 Here is a closeup. Since I have a preference for painted wood, I decided to freshen it up with a coat of paint.

 (please ignore the living room in the background. Still waiting for my new sofa in which case the sweet little settee won’t be needing blankets to protect the upholstery from RoyRoy!)

I decided to paint it black since my kitchen table will also be black (when it comes – hopefully next week!). I used Americana Decor chalk paint which is available at Home Depot, finished with their liquid créme wax. The black chalk paint on it’s own is so matte that it looks like a dead void.

I only used one coat, with one coat of wax for a low lustre. I was going to faux antique it more, but decided to let time take care of that. It’ll get banged up a bit over time so will seem more natural aging and use.  Everyone raves about the ease of using chalk paint, and it’s certainly true. No smell, easy clean up, no prep needed, quick drying. Pretty much by favorite kind of project. I also found out that you can make your own chalk paint by mixing one part water to one part plaster of paris (mix till smooth) and mix into 3 parts flat latex paint. Of course, you’ll want a low VOC paint to retain that quality of pre-mixed chalk paints, but you can create a pain of any color you want relatively inexpensively.

This is my new dining table, the Avalon extension table from Crate and Barrel. As I said, hopefully coming next week!

And this is coming too from C&B, the Serene apartment size slipcovered sofa in a natural linen. I can’t tell you how happy I will be to finally have a comfy sofa. My little settee is beautiful, but not meant for lounging!

How do you hide your trash? Specialty bins? Under the sink?

xoxo Linda