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As I’m waiting for my sofa and dining table to be delivered next week (finally!) I’ve started planning in earnest where I’ll be hanging my art. I have between 25-30 pieces ranging from fairly large (30×40) to teeny (5×5). Half of my collection just came out of my parent’s house including several watercolors by my late aunt Bette Wasserboehr, who was a noted New England water colorist, teacher, gallery owner and mentor to many painters. There is no real theme to what I have. I like photography so I have several framed photographs, some I’ve taken, other’s by better photographers! I have a lot of framed prints of varying subjects. It’s just a matter of making them all work together and showing them off well.

I’ve also always been inspired by this famous Hubert Robert “Grande Galerie du Louvre” (1796).

Hubert Robert, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Green bedroom hanging art

Here is a rendering of my new bedroom. Just this week I got in the custom headboard and re-upholstered chair in a cut velvet called Watersedge from Lee Jofa and I am so thrilled with how they came out!

The chair is currently in my living room since all I have in there at the moment is a little settee – which isn’t too comfortable. But when the sofa comes, the chair will be moved back to the bedroom.

Green bedroom hanging art

(Note: the wall color isn’t nearly so lime green as it appears here, but it is a very strong green, which I love.)

Since the bedroom is nearly complete (draperies to come) I started selecting what looked nice with the very green walls and did a sketch of an approximate layout. One of the issues is that due to the different sized side tables, the bed itself is not centered on the wall, so the layout of the art needs to mitigate this issue and not end up looking off-center.

Hanging art nook cottage bedroom

I’m striving for a more casual placement of the art around my house – not so formal. Sort of a planned, unplanned look.

I love how designer Lauren Liess places art in her spaces. She has such an ability to create truly organic looking layouts, even though everything is very well-planned. These from her own house:

Hanging art Lauren Liess bedroom

And Lauren’s method of planning her art placement:

hanging art Lauren Liess illustration

And this from Lauren’s kitchen, so fantastic!

Hanging Art Lauren Liess kitchen

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have the bedroom done. And then I can finish up the rest when the sofa and dining table come. More photos!

Linda Merrill Design green bedroom hanging art
Linda Merrill Design | Nook Cottage | Photo by Michael J. Lee


How do you like to handle your art? Do you have a mixed group, or do you prefer more classic gallery spaces with coordinating framing and white walls?

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