Outlander: The Glassware

Outlander Glassware banquet scene Claire and Colum
Found ’em! One of the most asked questions I’ve received since I started doing posts on the Starz Series “Outlander” was about the glassware. I will admit I was surprised that blown glassware would have been typical during the period for an outpost such as Castle Leoch, but there’s no doubt the glasses they used are period appropriate and very beautiful.
Outlander Glassware
I received a nice email yesterday from Mark and David of Georgian Glassmakers in the UK letting me know that they were in fact the makers of the beautiful wine glasses and also some of the bottles used in the series!
This glass #51 is listed under “Early Balusters” on their website.  They advised me that they do ship Outlander Glassware internationally. For pricing, they don’t do bulk discounts as these are individually hand blown.


xoxo Linda