American Blanket Company

I received an offer from the American Blanket Company, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, to test out one of their soft fleecy blankets. Well, I am a girl who loves a blankie (I’ll admit it!) and I have a dog who REALLY loves a soft blankie!

American Blanket Company stems from a line of family owned businesses with a long history in the textile trade right here in Massachusetts. They make top quality fleece blankets, throws, baby blankets and a new pet line.

They invited me to try out one of their Luster Loft™ throws which come in either 50″x70″ ($49) or 50″x80″ ($59).

All of their Luster Loft and Supple Touch blankets, throws and baby blankets come in a white gift box with silver ribbon and gift card, which is a lovely touch for such a reasonably priced product.  You can order a much more expensive blanket from a big department and it will come stuffed in plastic shrink-wrap. Plus, you can get them personalized.

I’ve had the blanket for a couple of weeks and we’ve been testing it out extensively on the sofa.

The beige blanket is the American Blanket Company item (the dark green is not). You can see in the photos the difference in quality between the two blankets. The beige is much thicker and luxe looking than the green one, it’s also larger and warmer.  BTW – this photo is not a set up – he did truly crawl into the blankets like this on his own.

And given a choice, RoyRoy gravitates towards the American Blanket Company blanket every time. They do have a smaller pet size version, but my 15 pound dog feels the bigger the better!

So, thanks American Blanket Company for the new snuggly blanket!