Linda’s Dream House: Revisited and Renewed

Linda's house exterior

After an over two-year hiatus, I’ve decided to revisit my plans for my virtual dream house. I started the project in 2013 and what with one thing and another, it’s now 2015 and there’s much to be done! Interestingly, I have a lot of changes to make regarding some of my original design plans (you can read all the posts here) and am looking to lighten things up a bit. As a little reminder, I chose my location to be my favorite Massachusetts city of Newburyport and my design style as Federal. The house is approximately 2,600 sq. ft. not including the attic, sun porch and detached garage. The property would be fairly small, in keeping with the historical nature of Newburyport where the downtown looks like this:

And the historic houses are fairly close together.

see this real estate listing

I figured I’d start with the most complete spaces – the home office and the sun porch. And then I’ll work my way around the rest of the house.

My home design office was conceived as a space I could meet with clients and work on design plans, but that I’d probably also have a commercial office space somewhere local as well, so it’s not terribly big and there’s no room for staff.  The home office is in the rear left side of the house and has it’s own entrance.

Office entry


In the rendering below, I was deciding between two different fabrics for the window treatments.


I posted this on Instagram and think I’m leaning towards the Fabricut fabric. What do you think?

The sunporch is meant to be a three-season room and has a fireplace for the chillier days. It would also have radiant heated floors so it could conceivably be used in the winter as well. Here are day and evening views. The entrance to the sunroom from the house is right next to the fireplace on the left.

Sun porch day

Sun porch


This is my inspiration board for the space:


And here is the view looking from the back of the house into the French doors. The green sideboard would be fitted with a mini-fridge and glassware.

Sun porch 3

And here are day and night views from the back patio behind the sun porch.

back patio day


back patio night

Ignore the mess on the far right side of the image. The plan is that there is a back door into the kitchen right at the corner of the house with a covered walkway connecting the garage to the kitchen door. Still working out the details on that one.

I’ll be posting updates to my Instagram which you can follow here and you can see all my inspiration images on my Pinterest Dream House board here.

So, I’m happy to have renewed my interest in my dream house project. It’s a great exercise in editing for myself and keeps my rendering skills up. This is an example of the detailed renderings I am able to provide my premium design clients – a great tool that helps people really “see” their space and how all the myriad decisions will come together.


xoxo Linda

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