2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

The other day I took a day and headed up to beautiful Ipswich, MA to visit the 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home. Each year, Boston Magazine along with many generous sponsors builds and decorates a home to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. 100% of proceeds from the tour will go to Children’s Hospital. It certainly takes a small army to build the house every year and this year is no exception. The location is Turner Hill in Ispwich, a luxury golf community. The house is 3,561 sq. ft. on three levels and was built by Windover Contruction. The design co-ordinator is Design East Interiors whose difficult job it was to make use of all the product partner’s items and turn it into a cohesive look.

Here are some of my favorite spaces in the house.

DSCN0041 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

This is the guest bedroom which features a gorgeous rug furnished by Landry & Arcari called “Dewdrops”.

DSCN0042 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

I love the shape of the headboard and its thickness, though I didn’t love the white on cream mismatch of the bedding.

DSCN0043 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home


This is the 2nd floor study with furnishings provided by Darby Road Home, rug by Landry and Arcari and lighting by Wolfers. 
DSCN0049 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home


DSCN0050 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

Below is the basement game room which was furnished by Red Bird Trading Company. The empty spot on the wall was an Andy Warhol painting provided by Martin Lawrence Galleries, however, it was sold so they are awaiting a replacement piece. This photo isn’t very good (sorry) and doesn’t capture how comfy and interesting a space this is. My only question is – were the candles meant to be all bent or did they melt?

DSCN0051 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

Here is the “game” side of the game room, complete with a well-stocked wine room. Love the eclectic mix of furnishings.

DSCN0063 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

On the other side of the basement level is the family room which was also done by Red Bird Trading. Again, they really gathered a lovely, eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories.

DSCN0052 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

DSCN0057 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

DSCN0059 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

The wet bar featured a gorgeous backsplash by custom designed by Connie Kolman Artisan Glass. Using various mix media from paint to gold gilding, the work is done on the back of glass panels which are mounted on the wall.

DSCN0053 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

Personally I would have preferred a simpler countertop – perhaps a deep blue quartz with a little sparkle in it to really set off the backsplash.

DSCN0054 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

Below is the dining room which is on the ground floor level which was furnished by Darby Road Home.

DSCN0065 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

The living room features furniture by Circle Furniture.

DSCN0066 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

I particularly love the chaise, called “Bethany”, which the fun elephant fabric on the pillow and cushion.

DSCN0069 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

And the kitchen featured a very blingy back splash (not sure the brand) and appliances furnished by Tri-City Sales.

DSCN0074 2015 Boston Magazine Design Home

There are plenty more rooms and spaces to check out, so I encourage all locals to go visit the Boston Magazine Design Home and do some good for Boston Children’s Hospital.

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2 thoughts on “2015 Boston Magazine Design Home”

  1. While I do not share your enthusiasm for the beauty or taste in these rooms; I do admire the arms of the upholstered furniture! and the lovely proportions! Unlike “Pottery Barn” with those hideous fat arms and backs; and horrid quality of upholstery; (all other of those store fall under the same roof); These upholstered pieces are going to the realm of reality. and are actually; lovely!

    thank you for showing!!

  2. Linda what a luxurious space and for a great cause! I know how much work goes into designing these homes!

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    Featuring Sharon Santoni


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