Happy Birthday RoyRoy!


Two years ago today I met my little boy RoyRoy at his breeder’s house and it was his second birthday.


He wasn’t too sure about me two years ago, but that’s happily changed. He was the stud dog for a really wonderful breeder here in Massachusetts. She bred him and he was her first home-bred ACK champion puppy!


He’s the pup in the middle above with his littermates. The handsomest of the lot, I must say! I just want to rub their little puppy bellies!

While I’m in the business of creating beauty and functionality in the home, there is no question that having a pet truly makes a house a home. I am so grateful to have RoyRoy in my life – and I say it out loud every single day. Sure, a dog can be a bit messy and sometimes leaves unwanted presents around the house or insists on going out at 4AM when it’s -8 degrees, but I wouldn’t trade a cleaner house or more sleep for all the unconditional love he gives me.

Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday RoyRoy!”

    • Hi Mary Beth – they are all so adorable! The long haired one’s shed. RoyRoy doesn’t too much. I do get some hairs on my clothes, but his are so short they aren’t all that noticeable.

  1. Very cute. I always appreciate someone who expresses unbounded love for their pet. Mine is feline, and I’m not really a dog person, but I certainly get it. Wouldn’t be able to live without my Maisie-cat, and I can see you feel the same about Roy-Roy. Lucky boy!


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