Monticello Masterpiece in New England

We’ve all heard of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello – that gorgeous late 18th Century masterpiece in old Virginia. But did you know there’s an amazing replica house that was recently built in New England? This Monticello Masterpiece, located in Somers, CT,  is a must see, if only virtually. It’s actually on the market, so for the … Read more

What is “reasonable”?

When someone is asking for referrals for a service or goods, they invariably say they are looking for a “reasonable” pricing. But, what is “reasonable”? And, is this the question that we should be asking? This happens all the time in person to person conversations – the old-fashioned “over the backyard fence” type thing – … Read more

Downton Abbey Bedrooms

As we head towards the series finale of Downton Abbey, I wanted to visit the various bedrooms we’ve seen along the way. Some have changed, some have stayed the same. All are beautiful in their own way. Lots of dialogue has taken place in Robert and Cora’s bedroom. It was customary for Edwardia era ladies … Read more

Downton Abbey Dining Rooms

In this my second countdown to the finale installment, I’m going to feature some of the beautiful Downton Abbey Dining room scenes. Along with the drawing room, which I featured yesterday, the dining room has been the scene of most of the “conversation” aspects of the series. The real setting is the dining room in … Read more