For Sale in Newport, RI

When I was in Newport Rhode Island last week, I saw this house for sale that I just knew must be very special inside. I especially love a transformation house and this one – an original shingle-style carriage house – does not disappoint!


Above is the street entrance of the house, which is right on a main street. Below is the real estate listing image of the front entrance – plus it looks so much better with greenery versus our New England springtime look that doesn’t look much different than winter.

And, below is the main show – the rear of the house.

Looking from the back through the front of the house. What a beautiful back patio!



Look at that gorgeous barn door in the image below.


The front hall has a brick inlaid floor and arched entry into the center of the house.

The bedrooms are a little bland as styled, but the spaces are pretty.


Personally, I think the bathroom is a little dated looking, but nothing that isn’t worth fixing considering how gorgeous everything else is.

Cute little boat-bed in the boys room.

Continuing with the nautical theme – including the shower curtain made from sails.

Another view of the front entrance.

The side of the house is just as gorgeous as the front and back.

And a big ole beautiful yard.

From the real estate listing: Meticulous restoration of a classic and authentic shingle-style carriage house. Sited along the boundaries of Ballard Park with beautiful woodland views. Five bedrooms—four with ensuite baths—stone walls, bluestone terraces, mature landscaping, and gardens. Absolutely turn-key. Close proximity to New York Yacht Club and Newport Country Club.

The house is on the market for $3.195Millon, which I think is kind of a steal for 6,200 sq. ft. in this location. Represented by Gustave White Sotheby’s International Realty.


xoxo Linda

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  1. The house needs you to work some magic. It is absolutely beautiful but the decorating is somewhat bland. I just love a shingle home and the house is gorgeous.


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