I’m still here!


https://www.levitradosageus24.com/buy-cheap-levitra/blog anymore! Part of it is being busy, which is good. But a lot of it is burn out. I’ve been design blogging for over ten years and it gets a little redundant after a while. Another aspect was that a couple of months ago I was hit with a big, very big, fine from a very big and important photo agency for using 5 photos without permission. In 2000 posts with who knows how many photos, five weren’t mine to use and I owed $$$$.00  dollars. I’m also not allowed to disclose the details.  I was in the wrong, but I admit I get a little annoyed when I see other bloggers who are making $ from their blogs posting images all the time that they clearly don’t have permission to use and without attribution, which I am always careful to include. So, blogger beware. Technology has made it so it’s very easy to do a reverse image search and find out where a photo appears. So, it’s made me leery of using any images that aren’t mine or come from a magazine. Which puts a damper on my blogging creativity.

I have seen some pretty images (that I think I _can_ share).

Antho sofa

Love this sofa from Anthropology. Unfortunately it’s no longer available, but I love the modern meets classic design. And, of course, green!


And speaking of green, I’m totally loving these amazing “Beetle” chairs from Conran’s in the UK. They come in table and counter heights and in several different jewel tone colors.

I love a great mix of style and function and these cabinets featured in Midwest Living magazine are a great example. Love, love the little pullout shelf (with cute little supports) when you need a little extra surface space.

I also wanted to share that I’m re-introducing my E-Design service (aka Virtual Interior Design). I’m currently working on the materials and service offerings, but am looking at doing offerings that include a design plan for an entire room (or rooms, of course) and also how to pull together a room to make it complete for those who have a lot of what they need but can’t figure out how to make it all work, and a floorplan offering for those who just need help with space and functionality – which is the bedrock of any design plan. So, more on that soon!

Oh, the photo at the top is one I just came across in my archives of a project I did several years ago. These were some of my favorite pillows I handmade for a client for the master bedroom of their seaside home here on the South Shore in Massachusetts. Coastal living at its best!

Have a great weekend everyone!

xoxo Linda

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  1. I am so sorry this happened to you. I have heard it several times from other bloggers. I have often wondered how people get away with this. Since I am not sure what the criteria is for being able to use others’ photos, so I just don’t anymore. If one were to stop to request permission every time you use a photo to illustrate a point, there would be no time at all to write posts because you would be spending all the time chasing down sources. At any rate, I do enjoy your blog.


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