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Earlier this week I headed up to the Newburyport Coastal Show House (my favorite city in Massachusetts where I lived for a few years). The show house was put on by the Museum of Old Newbury. The image above is an old one of the house before its recent renovation. At the bottom of the post is a video from 2012 which shows the original interiors prior to the extensive, and shall I say, amazing renovation by Andrew Sidford Architects. The house was slated for demolition (ugh!) and the present owners decided instead to create a “bold additional providing a pleasing blend of old and new and breathing fresh life into the historic home”. They sure did!

IMG_7064 Newburyport Coastal Show House

We entered the show house from around behind the original 1810 structure which shows the new addition to the rear of the house and a covered walkway which connects the house to the barn.

IMG_6964 Newburyport Coastal Show House barn

Inside the barn, it was decorated for a great party. I believe they held their gala opening party on here and in a tent on the lawn. Designed by: Red Bird Trading Co. of Newburyport

IMG_6966 Newburyport Coastal Show House barn

The covered walkway connecting the barn to the rear of the house features delightful planters and views of the gardens.


The bright and fresh living room is in the new section of the house. The lovely use of neutrals made for a calming oasis. Design by: Kay Bailey McKallagat.

IMG_6975 Newburyport Coastal Show House living room

IMG_6976a Newburyport Coastal Show House

The kitchen truly features the planning and design by the architect Andrew Sidford. The original kitchen was half the size (you’ll see this in the video below). They took out a small hallway that ran between the dining room in the front of the house and the kitchen – which now abut one another and the seating area beyond the kitchen, which was original to the house,  is fully open and part of the open space. Kitchen and sitting area styling by: Red Bird Trading Company.

IMG_6985 Newburyport Coastal Show House kitchen

Love the mix of creamy whites and textures!

IMG_6986 Newburyport Coastal Show House living room

The shot below is the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room. Originally there was a lateral hallway that separated the kitchen and dining room, which was removed. The fireplace in the dining room was also removed and this is how they dealt with that.The structure was boxed in with two flanking side cabinets with marble countertops and windows to keep the views and natural lighting flowing in. The original kitchen had no real natural light except that which came in from the once obstructed sitting area.

IMG_6996 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The dining room featured a modern gray and chrome palette with a round table and chairs. Design by: Boehm Graham Interior Design.

IMG_7003 Newburyport Coastal Show House

I always love a nice little surprising detail and these zippers in the backs of the chairs with the bead and fish detail are quite sweet.

IMG_7004 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The small painted vintage sideboard ads a touch whimsy to the more modern space.

IMG_7005 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The front hall was hand painted – yes, HAND PAINTED! – by Fancypaints Faux Decorative Painting. The staging of the hall and entry were done by Sarah Sumner. Those blue dots were incredible and added a colorful, whimsical moment to the tiny space. And yes, the staircase really is that steep!

IMG_7010 Newburyport Coastal Show House stairs

This is the front vestibule.

IMG_7011 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The front sitting room features an all blue and white palette. Classic with a twist of modern thrown in. Design by: Designs by Gia Interior Design.

IMG_7016 Newburyport Coastal Show House blue and white

IMG_7017 Newburyport Coastal Show House blue and white living room

A fun Duralee animal print fabric on a vintage wing chair. The wall color (not sure what it is unfortunately) is a gorgeous shade of light blue.

IMG_7018 Newburyport Coastal Show House pale blue wall

Upstairs, the West Guest Bedroom is an eclectic mix of textures and styles from Moroccan influences to modern touches to farmhouse chic with some coastal drift wood thrown in. Design by: Holly Gagne of Holly Gagne Interior Design.

IMG_7021 Newburyport Coastal Show House boho bedroom

Loved, loved this sideboard with the mix of woods and metalwork.

IMG_7022 Newburyport Coastal Show House

Peek-a-boo! Love the mirror too!

IMG_7023a Newburyport Coastal Show House mirror selfie

IMG_7033 Newburyport Coastal Show House boho bed

IMG_7032 Newburyport Coastal Show House leather chair


IMG_7027 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The East Guest Room was designed by Frank Hodge, F.D. Hodge Interiors. While he continued the soothing neutral palette of other spaces in the house, his featured subtle gray and yellow tones, which he said were inspired by the foggy day when he first visited the house. While I don’t normally love the combination of gray and yellow, this worked (for me) because of how toned down it all is.  One thing I couldn’t capture on my iPhone was the amazing views of the Merrimack River outside these bedroom windows. Just breathtaking!

IMG_7034 Newburyport Coastal Show House white bedroom


IMG_7036 Newburyport Coastal Show House


The bedding is just gorgeous and it makes one really want to snuggle in.


IMG_7044 Newburyport Coastal Show House

The Child’s Bedroom featured a snappy nautical theme. Design by: Simone Renovation and Design.


The suspended bed is a real standout.

IMG_7050 Newburyport Coastal Show House kids room

IMG_7049 Newburyport Coastal Show House kids room

The Master Bedroom and Bath are in the new addition in the rear of the house. It features large windows and vaulted ceilings.

IMG_7055 Newburyport Coastal Show House bathroom

The bedroom was designed by Bella Design Interiors but unfortunately I didn’t end up taking photos! You’ll just have to go on the tour to see it. It was quite love, but the volunteer who was minding the room had placed her chair right in the middle to take in the view below – not that I can blame her! Even though the master is in the rear of the house, the architect managed to extend it just enough to be able to put in a corner window to take advantage of the river views. If Newburyport could do one thing to make it even better – it would be to remove all the above ground wires that obstruct the views everywhere. Oh well, when you’re there it’s not as noticeable.

IMG_7057 Newburyport Coastal Show House views

One of the things that make this show house a standout to me is the cohesion from space to space. Each designer took into account the architecture, location, history and story of the house, without losing their own unique styles. Often time, a show house is an assortment of unrelated spaces that while individually beautiful, don’t hang together and can often be very jarring. This house as decorated is a lovely whole. The house is potentially for sale, call 603-772-4497 for information.

Unless noted, all photos by Linda Merrill for Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings.

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