A Summer Seaside Weekend in Duxbury, MA – In Vogue!

Shipyard Beach on Duxbury Bay – photo by Linda Merrill

I wanted to share a piece – A Summer Seaside Weekend –  that appeared in Vogue.com today about my town of Duxbury, MA!  They talk about historic places, restaurants, the beach (of course) and more. It’s funny, when you grow up in a small(ish) town, you never really think it’s that special. But when you see it from outside eyes – yup, it is! The only big glaring error in the piece is that you cannot get “jimmies” at FarFar’s Ice Cream (sadly). For those who don’t know what a jimmie is, it’s the New England term for chocolate sprinkles. Not to be confused with rainbow sprinkles which are never referred to as jimmies.

Have a great weekend and if you visit – let me know, I’ll take you for ice cream!



xoxo Linda

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