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Anytime I am invited to attend something in my favorite city of Newburyport in Massachusetts, I hop to it – regardless of distance (90 minute drive, without traffic) and traffic (two hours to get there yesterday!). So, I headed up to take in the annual Kitchen Tour in Newburyport which benefits the PTO of the Newburyport Public Schools. I left late and it took me longer to get there than expected, so I didn’t see all the houses, but I wanted to share my three favorites.

This is the Morse-Learned House built in 1803 located on High Street, just down the street from the house my condo was in when I lived there!


Behind the house was a garage/carriage house that housed a business on the left side under the metal awning.


Inside this out-building is a two story space that was a business space and features a gorgeous architectural spiral stair case.



There is also an adorable tiny kitchen – which they clearly didn’t think would be part of the official tour. So cute and it has everything you could possibly need in a kitchen.


We entered the house from the rear door through a new modern portico that is a wonderful marriage of history and modernity.

A fantastic view of the main hall in the original house -front to back including a gorgeous floating staircase.


The kitchen is a colorful mix of painted and stained cabinets, backsplash and professional appliances.





And a sneak peak into the dining room, which was clearly opened up from the original space.


Back in the kitchen, the windowed bump-out provides wide-open views of the backyard.


A view of the carriage house and back yard.


And the gorgeousness that is the back yard with terraces for outdoor seating and a lush wild-flower pathway.


One of the things that is very common in Newburyport is that the houses are right on the street and all the land (if you’re lucky) is out back.  I think my Mini looks very much at home parked right out front!


Next up, we have the smallest and newest kitchen on the tour. Located on Bromfield Street (another street I used to live on – but I swear – that these are my favorites is just a coincidence!) this cute little house has been newly renovated. As a matter of fact, the kitchen was just completed last week! Nothing like a house tour to keep one on track! The main section of the house was built in the 1880’s and it’s assumed that the kitchen was added later as there is no foundation or second story.


It was hard to get photos of this tiny space – what with other people coming through. But they really did a great job of maximizing the space with slightly smaller appliances and sink. I love a tiny house and this one is simply adorable.


The final house I want to share is out on Plum Island, on the river side. There is limited parking and I drove by a couple of times trying to find parking, but once I saw how fantastic the outside looks, I knew it was worth the walk to park well up the street and walk back to it. The house was built in 1983 and a two-year renovation was completed in 2015.


The front deck is adorable, but the views are all out back.


Right inside the front door is a little space with a mirrored coat closet and traditional windsor style settee. The mirrored doors really open up the small space.


On the other side of the front door is the dining room which opens to the kitchen.


Though the dining room is the kitchen table and the views of the spectacular river outside. It was dead low tide when I was there but no less beautiful for it.


Off to the side of the kitchen table is the family room with comfy seating and a tv set.


And the center of the house – the magnificent kitchen!






The counter top is a leathered granite with angled striations – gorgeous.


Love the push-out windows and those views!



Stepping out onto the porch we have the spectacular views of the Merrimack River and Newburyport beyond.


Heading down the stairs there is a another private patio space just above the waterline. There is a hot tub down below as well.


And one final look from the back deck of this fantastic house.


I need to move back here, is what I’m thinking…

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

All photos by Linda Merrill for Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings

xoxo Linda

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