The Crown on Netflix – run, do not walk!

I started binge watching The Crown on Netflix over the weekend and it’s amazing! The 10 episode series dropped last week and my understanding is that each season will focus on a decade in the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her life as a newlywed and then newly crowned monarch in Season 1 and onward. The cast will undoubtedly change over the seasons, but I must say, they have really nailed the main players (except 1) with this cast.


One of the best scenes is at the beginning where Winston Churchill (played by John Lithgow) makes quite an entrance at Princess Elizabeth’s wedding to Phillip. It shows Churchill’s ability to manage his reputation even when he wasn’t (at the moment) Prime Minister.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth and Matt Smith as Prince Philip are spot on. Capturing how young and really quite “ordinary” (in the best sense) she was and how his ambitions and pride were subject to her position as the monarch.

Jared Harris (formerly Lane Price in Mad Men) plays a deeply personal and moving King George IV, the King who would have preferred to remain “the spare” if not for the abdication of his brother for “the woman he loved”.

One of the hardest things to watch is the simultaneous decline by lung cancer of the King while everyone is smoking like fiends (including the King who has already lost a lung).


A royal wedding…

The Princess Elizabeth on her honeymoon with ever-present camera in hand (a wedding gift from her father).

Star-crossed lovers Ben Miles as Peter Townshend and Vanessa Kirby as Princess Elizabeth. She really captures the glamour and vivacity and ultimate sadness that was the Princess Margaret.

Alex Jennings as the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) and Lia Williams as Wallis Simpson. Exiled but always glamorous.

Produced by Peter Morgan. Production design Martin Childs. Set decoration Alison Harvey, Andrew McCarthy and Celia Bobak.  Costume design Michele Clapton.

Main cast:


If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can do what I did and get a free month’s trial. Though, I imagine for under $10 a month, I’ll likely keep it.

Are you watching?

xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “The Crown on Netflix – run, do not walk!”

  1. Oh yes I am!! Finished it up last night and i have to say it is so well written, acted and the scenery and the palaces and homes are a feast for the eyes. I am hooked and now I want MORE!!!

  2. We’re on Five, I think! The King just slayed me – I was sobbing throughout. He was soooo good in his role. I don’t care for Phliip at all! You like that actor? I don’t know, he gets on my nerves, but Elizabeth – it’s like watching her. And Churchill is amazing. Good fill in in to Season 3 starts on Starz! hehe


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