Seriously, who is a better decorator than Mother Nature?

The other day, a friend posted this gorgeous shot of some eggs that her neighbor had just dropped off, courtesy of their backyard chickens. The comments that ensued including the desire to repaint entire houses based on these colors. I mean, seriously, who IS a better decorator than Mother Nature? Apparently, no one is certain why chickens lay different egg colors, other than genetics. I always thought it might be their diet, but apparently, it really is Mother Nature.

Aren’t these gorgeous? The hint of iridescence makes them feel so touchable, no? I thought I’d put together a few paint palettes matching these colors from Benjamin Moore, C2 Paint and Sherwin-Williams.

Paint Colors based on egg colors - Benjamin Moore

Paint Colors based on egg colors - C2 Paint

Paint Colors based on egg colors - Sherwin-Williams

How’d I do? Does it make you want to repaint? For fun, I created a quick “doll’s house” view using the C2 Paint colors. I think it all works beautifully together, don’t you?

xoxo Linda

9 thoughts on “Seriously, who is a better decorator than Mother Nature?”

  1. The eggs are gorgeous and your matches to actual paint samples are spot on. As to the colors of eggs, different types of chickens lay different colored eggs. So, these are eggs gathered from several kinds of chickens. Enjoyed your appreciation for nature!

  2. I had no idea eggs came in different colors until I visited my sister on a farm in Vermont. What a beautiful surprise!


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