A “Just Right” evening with Kallista and Kohler

In addition to working with wonderful clients, one of the best “perks” of working in the design industry are the opportunities to attend fantastic special events and to receive insider training on new products and trends. The other night, I was invited to attend an evening of training and dining courtesy of Snow and Jones, a fantastic local family owned plumbing fixture company,  Kohler Faucets and Kallista , a division of Kohler, at the amazing Just Right Farm in Plympton, MA.

Just Right Farm is an amazing working farm and dining experience. I’d never heard of them, but have since learned that most of my foodie friends have all had great experiences there as well.

Prior to our training session, we were invited to walk the grounds of the property which includes gardens and a maze.

Goats! (for milk, I believe not meat).

The screen house is where the dining takes place. It was a beastly hot and humid evening, but the ceiling fans kept things very pleasant!

The facilities can be rented for small events or weddings, or corporate events such as this one. And they do Friday and Saturday evening dinners for individuals, couples or small groups. All diners sit together at these long tables creating a sense of “family” though the food is not served family style. Speaking of the service, it’s impeccable.

Just Right Farm is “dry” in that they don’t provide wine or liquors. But, diners are free to bring their own bottles!

Needless to say, the flower arrangements are spectacular!

And the dinner was to die for.

This was the egg raviolo course with mixed “today’s” greens. I took several photos of the different courses, which you can see on my Instagram feed. Each course was a feast both visually and taste-wise. We were all full to the brim by the time dessert came around, but no one said no!


So, believe it or not, this was a “working” evening with training on the gorgeous new offerings from Kallista – the faucet and fixture company whose motto is “Live Artfully”. Kallista is a division of Kohler and offers true customization and artistry. We always say that faucets are the “bling” of a bathroom and it’s really true when it comes to Kallista.


These are the St. Louis blown, hand-cut, crystal knobs. St. Louis is a 430 year old French crystal manufacturer that specializes in tableware, decorating and lighting products. Artisans must apprentice for 10 years (minimum) before joining St. Louis’ team of master glass blowers and cutters.

This above is from the Laura Kirar Paletta(TM) collection.

Michael S. Smith For Loft Collection  is sleek and sexy.


The Script Decorative collection features hand-painted enamel handles and etched Saint-Louis crystal knobs.

One of the amazing things about Kallista is their ability to customize their product line. Customization is an ever-increasing trend in home design and luxury clients are looking for more options than ever when it comes to getting exactly what they want.

Anyway, thank you again Snow and Jones, Just Right Farm, Kohler and Kallista for a wonderful evening!

All photos of Just Right Farm ©Linda Merrill 2017

All product photos courtesy of Kallista.



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