First Look at the new Nancy Meyers joint “Home Again”

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A new Nancy Meyers produced movie HOME AGAIN (written and directed by her daughter Hallie Mayers-Shyer) is always reason to get excited. First off, they are usually good, frothy fun with a good cast and a nice ending. But more, they usually feature spectacular interiors and settings that have become nearly iconic such as the Beth Rubino interiors for Something’s Gotta Give. 

And now we have a Reese Witherspoon inhabiting in a California house that looks, well, quite a lot like a Reese Witherspoon house.  The movie is about a recently separated 40-year old who decides to move back to her hometown of LA with her two young daughters and ends up letting three young guys (aspiring movie makers) move into her guest house. Hijinks and romance ensue. Then the ex played by Michael Sheen wants to come home, too. Hijincks, romance and drama. Actually – doesn’t it feel a bit like a re-tread of It’s Complicated?

Oh well… on to the important part, the interiors.

Reese Witherspoon in Home Again outside house

Didn’t Reese own a house that looks like this not long ago?


Home Again movie cast outside in back yard



Home Again movie living room Candice Bergen



Home Again movie Reese Witherspoon and Michael Sheen on sofa




Home Again movie Candice Bergen entering kitchen Home Again movie living room with white sofas

Home Again movie kitchen with blue backsplash and off-white cabinets

Home Again movie bedroom with red headboard

Home Again movie Reese Witherspoon in living room

Home Again movie Reese Witherspoon at door

Home Again movie Nat Wolff


The color palette is certainly very clear – neutral off-white, reds, pinks and some blues. Big cushy sofas, slightly bo-ho. The house doesn’t appear quite as grand as those in other Nancy Meyers movies, but it still looks like a beautiful home. This all looks very Kathryn Ireland inspired.

HOME AGAIN Production Designer is Ellen Brill who has worked as a set decorator for primarily television series such as American Horror Story, The New Normal, Parenthood (though only 10 episodes credited), and Nip/Tuck among others. The Set Decorator is Nicole Cates whose IMDB page shows only 1 credit prior to this movie, which is as a “shopper” for the tv show Path To War back in 2002. I can’t help but wonder if Nancy Meyers herself did the decorating and Ms. Cates put her vision into place and gets the credit for it. It’s a big coup for her career, no doubt.

Great pics courtesy of Open Road Films:

Home Again Movie back yard tree hanging lanterns guest house


Home Again Movie chippy side board blue and white pottery


Home Again Movie interior design office teak and woven rattan chairs


Home Again Movie breakfast nook Saarinen tulip table rattan chairs


Home Again Movie outdoor table lanterns succulents


Home Again Movie back yard dining patio teak table and chairs

Home Again Movie back yard bedroom upholstered headboard red pink orange stripe fabric pillows


Home Again Movie living room natural sofa blue and white ottoman stripes rattan chairs

Home Again movie Get the look Reese Witherspoon

Home Again Boutique:

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Update 7.19.17 – My friend Joni of Cote De Texas has just posted a fantastic and all encompassing post about HOME AGAIN. No one can beat Joni when it comes to forensic blogging! Read her post here.





















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26 thoughts on “First Look at the new Nancy Meyers joint “Home Again””

  1. Hello Linda. Can you tell me the name of the colours creams and whites used in Something’s Gotta Give. I love the beachy colours. Thank you. Love your site.

  2. I loved the movie!! Wasn’t expecting it to be so light hearted. But more importantly, I absolutely fell in love with her red head board. I need it in my life!! Will be working on making a copycat asap.

  3. That house! That creamy, dreamy Southern California enclave that’s decorated in so many sunlight-reflecting shades of white and beige that it’s like being wrapped in a pillowy, line-fresh duvet or enveloped in cupcake batter. – AD

    • Hi Janet – I don’t know the interior paint color. It does look like the same color, throughout but haven’t seen the color mentioned. My friend Joni at has done some posts on the various prior owners of this house with photos (Cindy Crawford to name one) and it’s gone from white to off white to a creamy off-white. The filming also can change the color – if they shoot it with a warm filter versus cooler one, for instance. It’s usually better to just look for a paint color that gives you a similar look in your own house.

      • Thx Linda! I read they didn’t need to change the paint color they liked it as is so the posts should help a lot. I’ll check it out. Thank you!

  4. I loved “Home Again”. Great movie and the home decor is amazing. I loved the white and blue dishes used, is there anyway to find out what they are?????? Please…..

  5. I love the sofa in this movie. Any idea where it can be purchased or who made it? It looks like a linen slipcover over down cushions.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Long time viewer – first time caller. Any idea on the source of the black and white line drawings above the bed and in the living room above the mantel? Clearly the same artist for both locations – though I’ve searched endlessly to no avail.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I just watched home again and loved the decor. Would you happen to know the particulars of the bed sheets that look so amazing?


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