Friday Finds: Video Edition featuring some gorgeous glass tile with coastal flair!


Welcome to my first Friday Finds video! Last evening I attended a CEU Continuing education course on color theory and psychology presented by Feras Irikat, the director of design & marketing at Lunada Bay Tile company. The event was hosted at Best Tile, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. After the talk, I walked the showroom and took photos of some of my favorite glass tile displays from Lunada Bay Tile.

Three quick takeaways from the talk are:

– Finish and texture is as important as color. You can have the same shade of blue (for instance) but it will look very different when rendered in a smooth versus textural finish. While we know this to be true instinctually, the marketplace is ever more demanding of various options within a grouping.

– We are conditioned through evolution to look at vertical plains because those are more changeable than the horizontal plains. Generally (though not always obviously) the ground isn’t rising up nor is the sky falling. The ground is solid underneath us and the sky is vast and infinite.  But our self-preservation mechanisms have evolved to pay attention to what’s in front of us, behind us and coming in from the sides. So, for interiors, ceilings and floors are often overlooked because our focus is vertical. But the best interiors, and some of the most beautiful places in the world, showcase all plains in a room.

– Lighting is the most important aspect of any design. I’ll shout this out LIGHTING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF ANY DESIGN!!!  Got that? Designers know this, but clients often think of the lighting as secondary. And because it’s often the seen but not seen aspect of a design, it’s hard sell to justify the cost. But the fact is, the wrong lighting (whether not enough, too much, the wrong intensity or light value) will make the most expensive furnishings look like crap. And the right lighting will make the least expensive furnishings look like a million bucks. This is why Ikea looks as good as Roche Bobois – it’s all in the lighting in their photos.

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Have a great weekend!

xoxo Linda

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