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I’m very excited to share that after a year in development, I have launched my new webshop Shop ::Surroundings::! Part of the development time has been the launch of a new one-of-a-kind design initiative called Surroundings By Design. It’s no secret that the internet has changed all our lives and how we shop. It’s also no secret that HGTV and similar networks have introduced the appeal of beautiful decor at reasonable prices to the general public. Over the years, I’ve offered virtual design services (aka e-design or e-decor) and was, in fact, one of the first designers to do so. Taking all these factors in mind, I felt the time was right to create a product that is based around a popular design theme and pull together all the furnishings, colors and accessories needed to pull of the look. But what’s more and I think really special about this product – I do so at three distinct price points. Surroundings By Design is for those whose budget is very modest AND those who are looking to invest in higher end items – and, everyone in-between.

Ocean beach views coastal dining room, shop surroundings

How does this work? I have broken down the project planners into room spaces – Living, Dining and Bedrooms. Within each space, I’ve identified the “Primary Furnishings” which are generally used. So, for instance, Living Spaces has a sofa, two side tables, two table lamps, a floor lamp, two side chairs and a rug. Dining spaces have a table, 8 chairs, a side board/china cabinet, a chandelier and a rug. Bedrooms have a bed/headboard & frame, 2 night stands, 2 table lamps, a dresser, mirror, side chair, floor lamp and a rug. Each planner features selections and renderings of all these items at three different price points: Luxe (up to $30,000.00), Elegant (up to $10,000.00) and Select (up to $5,000.00). There is no skimping on the lower tiered price points – you’re still getting the same number of items as the top tier, just at more moderate prices. I’ve scoured all the major brands and well know websites to find the best items at all price points. I’ve kept with well-known brands that you can trust and those that have received the best customer reviews. And, what I feel is the best part – you can mix and match between the tiers to fit your own specific needs. Visit Shop Surroundings.

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Additionally, I’ve pulled together over 50 accessories and 36 colors which fit the theme as well. I call these Packs. The Accessories Pack has over 50 items which can be mixed and matched with any of the room plans.  Items include: decorative accessories, candles, pillows and throw blankets, small furnishings, window treatments, bedding, fabrics. Trade only goods available through Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings are also included. The Color Pack has three different color palettes: Lights, Brights and Darks with six colors in each palette.  Each palette has groups from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, for a total of 6 palettes and 36 individual paint color recommendations. These packs are included free with the purchase of any Classic Coastal Room Planner or many be purchased separately.

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I also include Pro Tips on everything from space planning, to selecting color and how to select the best furnishings at any budget level. There is a link to a specially curated Pinterest board with over 100 images relating to theme, and suggested books, magazines and movie recommendations to set the mood.

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There is a handy shopping list with photos of the items, description and order details, pricing and a live link to where it can be purchased. Because these are all third party items over which I have no control, I will be continually monitoring the links to be sure the items are still available at the same price. I will update the shopping lists and making adjustments as needed. Buyers will have unlimited updates for one year after their purchase.

I truly believe I have created something unique in the market place – a professionally curated grouping around a popular design theme fitting most budgets. I hope you will agree!  Each Classic Coastal room planner is $149.00 and includes the 20-page room planner, the Accessories Pack and the Color Pack. The Classic Coastal Accessories Pack can be purchased on its own for $49.00 and the Classic Coastal Color Pack is available for $19.00. Visit Shop Surroundings.

Coastal Beach themed bedroom, window treatments, bedding, shop surroundings

Future themes may include Modern Coastal | New England |The New Victorian | Mid-Century Millennial | Traditional | Romantic | Hollywood Glam | Boho Chic |Transitional Design | Nursery: Modern, Traditional, Romantic

Bachelor Series: The Modern Traveler (aka International Man of Mystery) | The Craftsman | The Outdoorsman | The Brooks Brother’s Man |The Mid-Century Man |The Country Club Man

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  1. This is certainly a unique approach and a great way to take advantage of the number of people who do all their shopping online anyway, and need a designer to help…in particular the millennials. I wish you the best of luck on this new project…you deserve it.

  2. Wow, what a great idea and for such a reasonable price. How does it work to purchase to the trade items? Do you bill for the curation of those items separately? Good Luck with your new venture!


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