Color of the Month: October Orange Crush

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White brick fireplace, black bust, Hermes orange box, scarf, small oil painting
Linda’s October Mantle featuring an Hermès scarf in oranges and browns, its box (mais oui!), a small oil painting by artist Pamela Copeman, large pine cones and a bronze scroll metalwork screen.

I’m starting a new feature here on Surroundings – the #COTM Color of the Month! I’ve selected a dominant color and complementary colors to coordinate with it which will loosely tie to each month of the year. I’m very excited about this new feature and I hope you will enjoy it as well!  It should come as no surprise that the color for October would be Orange Crush. What with all the pumpkin spice this and that, it’s the only way to go. But, I wanted to share some inspiration images that I think fit the theme and open our eyes to the uses of this vibrant and oftentimes garish color. Many people don’t actually like orange and some even downright hate it. I personally love it, though have never actually used much of it in my design projects. But, maybe a deep dive into the color will help turn us skeptics around!

Orange hermes boxes

Of course, there’s one orange that is highly covetable – the iconic orange Hermès box. However, what’s inside is always even better! I usually festoon my October mantle with my Hermès scarf on my black iron bust with the box serving as colorful backdrop. (see above).

Upholstered chair and arm with deep orange woven fabric and brass nailheads
source unknown

Now, all oranges are not the same and I’m certain this gorgeous upholstered chair (or sofa, hard to tell) with bronze nailhead trim would never fall into the “garish” category.

Dark gray cabinets with orange tufted banquette in a London Restaurant

Another darker orange upholstered piece – how fantastic is this tufted burnt orange velvet banquette at the Shoreditch House kitchen in London?

A blond girl carries a huge bucket of dark orange mums in front of a wall of gray cabinets
via House 214 Design

Gray is such a perfect complement to orange. Or, maybe it’s the other way around? A splash or orange brings some life into a gray space.

A monumental shaped banquette seat in a faded orange velvet set against a deep teal blue wall with chandelier
via |Photo by: Antoinette Bruno

Of course, if you want to amp up the drama, a deep teal is a wonderful complement to this ginormous dark and faded burnt orange banquette. Restaurants really seem to dig this color palette, don’t they? Wondering if there’s some color psychology around orange being a stimulant to appetite. It’s probably true – red is stimulating.

Orange and teal blue small pots against a blue wall
photo via Gentl and Hyers

And again, what a striking color palette, no?

Street scene vibrant orange washed brick wall with teal painted wood door
source unknown

Allright, one more!


A white living room with wood beams, rustic furnishings, white sofa, orange velvet settee
Designed by Stephen Willrich Architecture. Built by Total Concepts.  See more here.

It’s not just gray that can benefit from a little pick-me-up with the addition of our #COTM. This beautifully textural and neutral living room in a farmhouse in Napa is really brought to the next level with the addition of the small burnt orange settee.

Orange front door with gray trim
Rustic Entry by Birmingham Architects & Designers Dungan Nequette Architects

How welcoming is this pretty orange door with gray trim on a rustic front porch? It feels like such a wonderful transition from outside to in – which makes for a perfect entry way.

And finally, I’ve put together some fun finds for our #COTM Color of the month October Orange Crush – just in case all of the above has put up in the mood!



1. Wreath   2. Candle   3. Flask   4. Pillow   5. Chair   6. Rug   7. Dog bed

Please note that these product links are affiliate links with their respective merchants who pay a small commission on the sale of any items, which helps keep the blog going!

One one final question: Orange ya glad it’s October Orange Crush??? (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Stay tuned each month for the #COTM Color of the Month posts – which will usually happen in the beginning of the month. But I just came up with the concept today, so am just getting October in by a hair!





xoxo Linda

7 thoughts on “Color of the Month: October Orange Crush”

  1. Well…I AM a fan of orange! I use it as a highlight color in my living room, runner rugs in hallway and kitchen, and in the kitchen! Most of our walls are various (only 2!) shades of gray so the orange works perfectly. Our back hallway is Sherwin Williams ‘Copper Harbor’ and I love it. I’m sure someday I will tire of it, but for now, it works!

  2. can you please release the color of the orange front door? I am trying to find that perfect orange for my home and this is the color I keep coming back too. Not too bright and not too sutle. Really would appreciate your guidance. Thank you.


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