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So, as we all know, Oprah publishes her annual Favorite Things list and I have some favorites of her favorites! And, since there’s no time like the present to get holiday shopping, I thought I’d share today!


Fleischer & Wolf Seville Series Copper Cookware

I love my copper pot collection (mostly decorative, but some functional) and this set of functional copper pots is definitely on my want list this Christmas. I feel like my cooking would be so much better!


Samsung Frame TV

What to do with the television is a never ending dilemma for interior designers and decorators. Can you believe this is a TV! Just imagine this baby mounted on a wall as part of a gallery – it would just blend right in. Or with a featured photograph when mounted above the fireplace. No more big black hole when not in use. Love this!


Magnolia Company Olive Tree



Magnolia Home is kind of all over the place, but I do love these sweet olive and magnolia trees. A fragrant and easy way to decorate the fireplace or table top this holiday season.


Beatriz Bali Alegria Tray


If you entertain, you’ll know you can’t get enough serving trays. This collection comes in some lovely colors that would work with many interiors. They are feminine without being to fussy and would make a great hostess give as well!


Lands Downunder Buffalo Check Throw Blankets


It’s been quite warm here in New England this fall, but the temps have really dipped in the last few days. I just want to snuggle up (with RoyRoy of course)  in one of these colorful throw blankets.

I just realized last week that Thanksgiving is next week! I don’t know where I’ve been (aside from keeping RoyRoy on bedrest). So, I’ve got to get shopping! Thanks Oprah for the great suggestions. Now, off to shop before they run out, because, you know, Oprah…

(I receive a small commission on sales of the above items which helps keep this blog going!)





xoxo Linda

2 thoughts on “My favorite Oprah’s Favorite Things!”

  1. If you can pick me up one of those buffalo check throws for this drafty old house over here, that’d be great. Just leave it in the stocking on the mantel 🙂


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