Travel Tuesday: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

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Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie poster

For this week’s installment of Travel Tuesday, I’m doing a blended post with Silver Screen Surroundings because I’m pretty excited for the new movie Murder on the Orient Express. Firstly because I’ve had a long-standing crush on Kenneth Branagh and the rest of the cast is amazing as well. And coming in a close second is the amazing looking production design by Production Designer Jim Clay, Set Decorator Rebecca Alleway and Costume Designer Alexandra Byrne.


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Judi Dench


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Penelope Cruz


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Michelle Pfeiffer


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Daisy Ridley


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Johnny Depp


Murder on the Orient Express 2017 movie Kenneth Branagh Hercule Poirot Daisey Ridley

A huge bucket list item for me is to do a train vacation. I posted about the Royal Scotsman  before and just realized that both The Orient Express and The Royal Scotsman are operated by the same group, Belmond.












The Venice Simplon Orient Express is definitely the pinnacle of style isn’t it? I want to see how people are dressed – it seems as if one would have to wear evening gowns and tuxes, no?


Fall 2018 update: I wanted to say that I finally saw the movie this summer and it’s really, really good and very melancholy at the end. The song over the credits was performed by Michelle Pfeiffer, with lyrics by director Kenneth Branagh and music by longtime Branagh collaborator Patrick Doyle. It’s actually quite shocking that this song didn’t receive a 2017 Oscar Nomination. The movie received no Oscar noms, which is kind of crazy because the sets and costumes were also outstanding.

While we wait for our train tickets to come in, here are a few more accessible Orient Express items to keep us satisfied!

(I receive a small commission on sales of the above items which helps keep this blog going!)



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