Holiday Shopping Guide: Great Throw Blankets

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One of my “things” is that no matter what time of year it is, I like to sit under a throw blanket. Unless it’s simply too hot in the summer, I just feel more comfy when hanging out on the sofa watching TV when I’m snuggled under a throw blanket. Of course, my little sidekick needs to be there right along with me.

RoyRoy the dachshund snuggled under a green blanket

He definitely takes after his momma!

I pulled together a beautiful collecting of throw blankets in both colorful and classic palettes for all tastes, men and women. Any one of these would make a wonderful gift for someone else – or yourself!

Have you ever noticed that many women use pillows as a kind of “security” blanket? Over the years, I’ve noticed that if there’s a toss or decorative pillow on a chair of sofa, most men will place it to the side or on the floor and most women will hold them on their laps. I’ve often wondered why this is. Is it the need for security? Whatever it is, there’s nothing like the feeling of safety and comfort that comes with being home. And for me personally, nothing says comfort like a comfy, cozy blankie!
Linus and his blue blanket
HAPPINESS IS A WARM BLANKET CHARLIE BROWN, Linus Van Pelt, 2011. © Warner Home Video / Courtesy: Everett Collection

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