Trend Alert: BIG FLORALS in Interiors


Jan Van Huysum - Tutt'Art Old master floral art
Jan Van Huysum (1682 – 1749)

I’ve been crazy busy these last few weeks and have been neglecting my blog (and newsletter, sorry!) and this Trend Alert post on the resurgence of big florals in interiors has been percolating for way too long! And not just florals, but FLORALS in call caps. Inspired by the Old Dutch Masters paintings (Holland, roughly 17th and early 18th centuries) we are seeing big, bold and beautiful still life works adorning walls in larger than life size scale. And I love it! And, we’re seeing these bold florals not just on walls either.

Jan van Huysum - Flower & Fruits
Jan van Huysum (1682 – 1749) – Flower & Fruits

Lots of beautiful wall murals are now available from sources all over the world:

‘Forest Floor’ Still Life of Flowers mural by Rachel Ruysch via Surface View

Art imitating life imitating art.

 Floral Wall mural Dutch master BALTHASAR VAN DER AST surface view
via Surface View


floral wall mural dutch master Floral Doily BACK TO THE WALL
via Back to Wall


Trade masterpiece overscale floral
via In Trade


Dutch Master tulips wall mural in dining room
via Surface View

Kohler has also gotten into the act. They produced a series of vignettes which featured over scale wallpapers. I love this bathroom.

Kohler bathroom Ellie Cashman Dark Floral II Black Saturated
via Kohler

But this kitchen – not so much. Talk about way, way too much going on! The floor is the worst part, but since Kohler own’s Ann Sachs, it’s never a surprise to see tile in their vignettes – even when they don’t work. At. All.

Kohler floral wallpaper in kitchen
via Kohler

But these new Artist Editions Dutch Master sinks – these are working for me. Gorgeous, no?

Kohler Dutch master floral sink
Kohler Artist Editions Dutch Master floral sinks

So romantic!

 Surface view inspiration_dutch_masters_decor_frenchbydesign_7
via Surface View


Floral stair case Old Home Love
Old Home Love

What do you think? Could you live with HUGE flowers looking over your shoulder? Here’s my dream home bedroom with some big wallpaper!

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6 thoughts on “Trend Alert: BIG FLORALS in Interiors”

  1. This is right down my design garden path!!! I luv, LUV, LUV these photos… have two huge “still life” paintings…but…I NEED murals!!! franki

  2. The laundry room is the perfect room for the blooms since husbands don’t linger too long in that room. I’d love that laundry room. Happy Easter weekend Linda.

  3. Linda: You might be interested in coming down to NC next year for the Museum’s Art in Bloom show! Are you familiar? Here’s the link:
    I went the very first year but have been away each year since…it is fabulous! And some of the programs are great. But talk about florals! It is amazing to see the arrangements inspired by the paintings.
    Think about it: I’ll be here and we could play! Anyway, yes, I am fascinated by the large florals; I think those stairs are beyond dramatic!

    • Hi Libby – I’m not familiar with the Art in Bloom show – will check it out, thanks! And yes, those stairs are amazing. I just also realized that my postage stamps feature huge florals as well. It’s all around us!


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