The Romance of Outdoor Dining

I for one am thrilled to see May come our way. Today, I’m still wearing my winter coat to walk the dog. But the weather reports temps in the 80’s are days away. Woohoo! Okay, in truth I’ll immediately go into “it’s a little bit hot” mode. New Englanders – we’re always complaining about the weather! But, one thing we do love to do (because the season is so short) is enjoy a lovely meal al fresco. There is nothing like the romance of outdoor dining, no?

Speaking of romance, many a romantic movie features scenes of outdoor dining with lavish settings. In the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, Diane Lane’s character builds her dream house (amid lots of drama and heartbreak) and realizes at the end, she’s created the life she wants. Now, that’s romance!

5 Outdoor Dining Under the Tuscan Sun Diane Lane Outdoor party
Under the Tuscan Sun outdoor wedding party

The recent movie Home Again features many family style meals both indoors and out. I covered the movie’s set design extensively here.

Outdoor Dining Home Again Reese Witherspoon Michael Sheen
Home Again movie outdoor dining scene

Going back to 1990, the movie Green Card, starring Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu, feature’s a gorgeous co-op apartment with amazing outdoor conservatory in the heart of Manhattan. The story is that the co-op board wants only married owners, so Andie’s high strung character marries Gerard Depardieu’s French slob character who is looking to stay in the US. Chaos and love ensues. Not to mention some beautiful indoor/outdoor dining scenes.

3 Outdoor Dining Green Card Gerard Depardieu Andie MacDowell, Bebe Neuwirth conservatory
From the movie “Green Card”

Everyone’s favorite series Downtown Abbey certainly featured several romantic outdoor dining and tea scenes.

2 Outdoor dining Downton Abbey dining in a barn
from Downton Abbey


2 Outdoor Dining Downton Abbey Elizabeth McGovern Nora Tea on the lawn parasol
from Downton Abbey – tea time in the yard

The movie Cold Mountain was mostly brutal and, well, cold. But it did feature some lovely and gentle dining scenes on the lawn of the house owned by Nicole Kidman’s character.

1 Outdoor Dining Cold Mountrain Renee Zellwegger
from the movie Cold Mountain


1 Outdoor dining Cold Mountrain Nicole Kidman Donald Sutherland
from the movie Cold Mountain


Outdoor Dining Serena Lily Crosby Dining
Serena and Lily

Are you ready to get outdoors and enjoy family and friends under the sun and stars? What are some of your favorite foods to serve ? I’d love to know!

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