The Allure of a Secret Garden

Edith Wharton The Mount grounds Italian Garden overview

The Secret Garden One of my very favorite books from childhood is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson Burnett. My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Van read it to us in class and I was just hooked – as have many a little girl since it was first published over 100 years ago. In addition to … Read more

Versailles and other Grand Designs

Versailles Grand Design header

Versailles: A Private Invitation with Text by Guillaume Picon and Photos by Francis Hammond The new book from Flammarion called VERSAILLES: A Private Invitation by Guillaume Picon with photos by Francis Hammond is a gorgeous, beautiful and wonderful tome all about Versailles. I really can’t come up with enough adjectives. It’s spectacular. And huge  It’s … Read more

Accent Chairs


It’s no surprise that most designers really hate sets, or suites, of matching furniture. Whether it’s part of a living room, dining room or even bedroom – having things all matchy-matchy is just plain boring. And honestly? It’s totally unnecessary! It doesn’t save money to buy everything altogether in all the same fabric or wood … Read more