What’s Your Color Personality?

Hey there! I’ve been trying to get in three blog posts a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and a weekend post – and I’ve been doing pretty well – until today! I did want to do a quick post on a talk I went to today at The Boston Design Center.

Gail Ravgiala Lori Weitzner Marisa Gutmacher Color personality
Marisa Gutmacher of Samuel & Sons, Gail Ravgiala, Editor of Design New England Magazine, Lori Weitzner, textile designer, author

The talk was on the personality of color and was based around textile designer Lori Weitzner‘s book Ode To Color, which was actually published in 2016.

Lori Weitzner Ode To Color book jacket and photo color personality

Ode to Color, a stunning anthology by renowned and award-winning textile and wallcovering designer Lori Weitzner, principal of Lori Weitzner Design, Inc., offers an immersive, sensual, and engaging journey in the world of color as it applies to culture, design, mood, and memory. Each of the ten chapters in this richly illustrated volume presents a distinct color world through an intimate and often kaleidoscopic perspective, a compilation of the numerous—and often shifting—associations and emotions we assign to a color or group of colors.

Each chapter combines diverse imagery—evocative fine art and photography, environmental interiors, details of Weitzner’s gorgeous designs as well as her sketches and watercolors—with excerpts from literature and her own essays on a wide array of topics relating to the palette. The result is a fully sensory conveyance of each palette’s particular power as well as a consideration of its tangible and intangible connections, from its place in religion, pop culture, and commerce to the impact it has upon our decision making, our moods, and our tastes.

In addition to Lori, the talk included Marisa Gutmacher, Executive Design Director of Samuel and Sons, makers of fine passementerie for over 75 years. The moderator was Gail Ravgiala, editor of Design New England Magazine.

The big takeaway from Lori is this:

Don’t follow trends. Ask yourself: what does color do for you?

Just because everyone is painting their houses gray doesn’t mean everyone should. Trendy is just that and nothing more. Perhaps you work at home and gray may be too blah to keep you motivated. Perhaps you have a stressful job and want to come home to a relaxing, warm environment. Selecting color should be about what we need  – what resonates with us, not what everyone else has on their walls.

So, interestingly, Lori has an online QUIZ that she spent 6 months creating with the help of a psychologist.


Take the Quiz Here.

What’s My Color Personality?

I took the test and got the following two results:

Linda Merrill Alchemy color palette Ode To Color personality

Linda Merrill Earthly color palette Ode to Color personality

So, color me surprised. I usually stick with greens and pinks. And yet – I have a rose gold iPhone and a collection of copper. And I like brown wood furniture. Interesting… very interesting.

Linda Merrill design nook cottage living room copper pink bronze
Linda Merrill, design | Michael J. Lee, photographer

What’s Your Color Personality?

I haven’t read the book Ode to Color in full yet, but have perused different sections and am really looking forward to diving in. Meanwhile, take Lori’s Quiz and let me know if you’re as surprised as I am!

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Color Personality?”

  1. WOW! Mine was “right on target” (Your results have been analyzed and they indicate that an emphasis on the Earthly color world and the Out Loud colors playing a supporting role. )
    I am sitting my very earthy toned family room which has pops of chartreuse. Looking out to my patio with the terra cotta pots, overflowing with chartreuse sweet potato vines,mixed with deep purple petunia’s. Deep wine tone grasses in a few pots, with some dark raspberry flowers tucked in along the edges. Patio furniture is a deep bronze brown and when I have my pillows out,bright versions of navy blues mixed with browns and tans.
    My fantasy new kitchen would have some Farrow and Ball Churlish Green included.
    Well, I am impressed!

  2. I took the test. Mine was waterside- blues and alchemy. I thought it was strange since I DO NOT LIKE blue!! I am probably one of the only people who do not like blue. I like neutrals, cream black gray brown camel. And I’ve never met a green I didn’t like. Maybe I’ll take it again?

    • Hi Monica! It’s funny when we take these tests how they can be so different from what we expect. I guess the concept is that what we need or are looking for may be different that what we like to look at? I’ve never met a green I didn’t like either and Lori made a point at the talk about green being a color that is both energizing and relaxing – which I think is what I love about it.


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