Famous Faces on the Wall

I’ve always found portrait art to be a little problematic. Of course, so much of it is gorgeous. But, sometimes, doesn’t it feel like you’re being watched? Or is that just me? What about if the piece is some iconic person – do famous faces make a difference? Somehow more artistic and yet less personal?

Some famous faces are sure iconic and I’ve long run across the use of their beautiful faces in interiors. Most are dead. But not all.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – Famous Faces

Robert Passal design Joshua McHugh photography Jackie Kennedy in yellow foyer Famous Faces
Robert Passal, design | Joshua McHugh, photography, via Luxe Source

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis had many “periods” in her style and “look”. She was one of the most famous women in the world but yet she managed to remain just a little mysterious. She embodied late 50’s/early 60’s wifely lovliness and then moved so well into modern 70’s chic.

Hallie's Loop Loft Apartment Therapy Andy Warhol Jackie Kennedy Famous Faces
via Apartment Therapy

Andy Warhol played no small part in making famous portrait art so popular in interiors. He captured everybody who was anybody.

Lindsey Lane Design White Palm Beach Living Room Jackie Kennedy Onassis Famous Faces
Lindsey Lane Design
Lindsey Lane Design White Palm Beach Living Room Jackie Kennedy Onassis Famous Faces
Lindsey Lane Design

This black and white Jackie image above is chic and cool in this Palm Beach living room designed by Lindsey Lane Design. Notably, it’s pretty much life-size.

Marilyn Monroe – Famous Faces

DESIGNER- Miles Redd PHOTOGRAPHER- Thomas Loof Marilyn Monroe Red blue bedroom Famous faces
Miles Redd, designer | Thomas Loof, photographer

The gorgeous Marilyn Monroe, ran through the Andy Warhol art factory, graces this colorful bedroom by Miles Redd. I love Miles – but I can’t say this is my favorite use of a famous face. It seems kind of random, no?

Marco Kooiman kitchen Marilyn Monroe famous faces
Marco Kooiman’s Pop-Art kitchen via Kitchen Design Ideas (see link for how-to process)

This use above of Marilyn’s image is just fantastic, I think. I love how the purple blends so well into the counter top and the lipstick kisses really pull it all together.

Eric Cohler designer Marilyn Monroe desk famous faces
Eric Cohler, designer, at home. Via New York Social Diary.

Eric Cohler used the same black and white Warhol Marilyn as Miles Redd did. I can see sitting at the computer and having a convo with Marilyn about living life and wishing she’d been happier.

Photo, Roger Davies - Jorge Elias, architect, Bert Stern image Marilyn Monroe famous faces
Jorge Elias, architect | Roger Davies, photograher, via Architectural Digest

There’s nothing like a sexy naked Marilyn in a bedroom. I think this works so well because it’s a black and white photograph amidst all the color.

Queen Elizabeth II – Famous Faces

Coppy Holzman loft Andrea Sparacio photo of Queen Elizabeth Famous Faces
Coppy Holzman loft via Apartment Therapy | Andrea Sparacio photo

I think everyone, monarchist or not, loves Queen Elizabeth. She’s just so stalwart, always there. And, she’s still lovely at 92. I think it’s been said that more people have seen her in person or on tv than anyone else who has ever existed.

Karl Lohnes print Queen Elizabeth Famous Faces
Karl Lohnes, artist

I so wish these Karl Lohnes QEII prints were still available at CB2. What fun!


Safestay Holland Park | James Bardwell, photograph Famous Faces
Safestay Holland Park | James Bardwell, photograph

This mosaic is so cool.

Liza Minelli – Famous Faces

Liza Minelli Photo Jaime Ardiles-Arce Andy Warhol Judy Garland Famous Faces
Liza Minelli’s own home. Photo Jaime Ardiles-Arce, via Architectural Digest

And finally, we have Liza Minelli’s foyer which features … Liza Minelli of course. I mean, if you can have an actual Warhol of you, wouldn’t you? And peaking around the corner on the right is a montage of Liza and her mom Judy Garland.

What do you think? Would you want Marilyn laying naked over your bed or the Queen looking down on your supper imperiously?


xoxo Linda

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  1. Awesome post. Love. The images you chose and I think I agree with your commentary on each. After giving it thought, I don’’t thinkI like the concept except for the Marilyn kitchen and the QEII mosaic.


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