Silver Screen Surroundings: Sharp Objects and deGournay

Silver Screen Surroundings: Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is a new series currently airing on HBO. It’s getting rave reviews all around for the acting (Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson) and the production. I haven’t seen it yet (there’s been a lot going on which I’ll share at the end of this post) but plan to at some point. Meanwhile, the promotion imagery is certainly eye-catching and notable with the Chinoiserie wallpaper that is very much like DeGournay or maybe Gracie. The wallpaper is used in the dark, gothic home of the Adam’s character’s mother, played by Clarkson. I’m not sure (yet) that all the interiors are worth covering, but the use of this paper certainly is.

Sharp Objects degournay Amy Adams

Here’s a little screen grab of how the paper is used in the production. Thinking there is some major mother-daughter tension, don’t you?

HBO Sharp Objects scene Amy Adams Patricia Clarkson chinoiserie wallpaper in hall

HBO’s marketing is using the wallpaper pattern heavily at their launch party last week with a photo booth:

HBO Sharp Objects Photo booth chinoiserie wallpaper back drop
HBO’s Sharp Objects Photo Booth at a launch party

And as a fabric tablecloth with the model of the home. By the way, the production designer (who creates the overall look and mood) is John Paino who also did Little Big Lies (2017) which had a very beautiful set and look. Set Decoration is by the amazing Amy Wells who also worked on Little Big Lies and many of my other favorite shows and movies including Mad Men, A Single Man and Clueless.

HBO Sharp Objects promotions chinoiserie fabric and house model
HBO’s Sharp Objects launch party

DeGournay St. Laurent Paper

From Christies:

Rachel Cecil Gurney: ‘My father, Claud Cecil Gurney, founded the company about 30 years ago. He was planning a trip to China, and thought that while he was there he might see if he could find someone to restore some antique wallpaper in his home because, of course, that’s where the original skill is. In the 17th and 18th centuries, wallpapers were made in China exclusively for export to Europe. There are still artisans on the mainland using the original wallpaper-making techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The idea was to bring these chinoiserie wallpapers back into European homes, and to produce them in exactly the same way as they were originally made.

deGournay MARIAM MEDVEDEVA photograph St Laurent Wallpaper Sharp Objects
St Laurent wallpaper degournay design in standard design colours on custom blue Edo painted silk with custom antique finish. Interior design by Karol Banhart sharp objects
Réalisation Marie Kalt / Photos Tobias Harvey Sharp Objects
DeGournay Earlham Paper; Design Marie Kalt / Photos Tobias Harvey via

While it’s certainly a very traditional wallpaper, I do think that the intricacies of the pattern and depth of color adds a lot of depth to an interior space. These mural wallpapers are usually made to order to fit the exact dimensions of the space.

At the Victoria & Albert Museum, you can purchased art prints with Chinoiserie paper reproductions:

V&A Chinoiserie wallpaper art print sharp objects

V&A Chinese Wallpaper with flowering shrubs print Sharp Objects
V&A Chinese Wallpaper with flowering shrubs art print


On a personal note, my boy RoyRoy went lame over the weekend and had emergency surgery on Sunday. He’s had bouts of IVDD in the past, notably last fall when I had him on 8-10 weeks of strict bedrest. But this weekend, when he woke up lame, I knew I had to get him into surgery quickly before he had permanent loss of mobility. Accent-chair-Linda-merrill-Lee-Jofa-watersedge-green-with-colorful-pillow-and-RoyRoy-dachshund

This photo is a couple of years old, he’s no longer allowed to jump on or off furniture or do stairs. There may be other restrictions coming, I have to figure it out. Anyway, if my blogging is a little scattered, this may be why. I have started an Instagram for RoyRoy if you’d like to follow along with his recovery and adventures.

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  1. Hope your boy is doing well. Mine also had recent emergency surgery — it’s amazing what $3500 can do!
    The wallpaper in Sharp Objects is making me crazy! I’ve pretty much lost the entire plot because I’m fixated on the sets. Thanks for your entry!

    • Hi Susan – how are you enjoying the show? I haven’t started yet. It’s been a stressful week, I’m only watching lighter, fun fare. I hope your furry friend is doing well!

  2. Poor little RoyRoy! What a little sweetheart. I’m so sorry he’s not feeling well.

    I love that bedroom with the Earlham paper and the Chinese Chippendale (?) mirror.


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