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(This is an update to a previously published post)

I was recently sent this cool color matching device called Color Muse to test and it’s fantastic! There have long been paint color detectors on the market – especially phone apps – but Color Muse is a bit different. Rather than rely on a phone camera and the available light to capture a color accurately, the Color Muse (which is about the size of a film canister) is placed directly on the item you want find the color match to and has it’s own light source to capture the color. The device works with an app on the phone and connects via Blue Tooth.


They ofter many paint manufacture’s to match to and you can ask it to return any paint company or just the one you’re most likely to use.

The first color it returns is the RGB Color Hex value, which could be very useful if you’re doing an graphic work and can be converted to a Pantone color code if that was needed. The next colors are from the various paint manufacturer’s, which can be filtered based on preference. Think of it – you want to have a chair custom painted to match one of the colors in the fabric above and voila – there you go!

I tested several paint palettes, my walls, my dog (yes I did!) and am very impressed with the results!


Processed with MOLDIV

RoyRoy brown…


The only criticism I have of the Color Muse is that it doesn’t come with a recharger. It says you can use any mini-charger, but that doesn’t include my iPhone charger. The stats say it can do 3,000 scans on a charge and has a 6 month stand-by time which is good, but now I’ll have to go out and buy a compatible USB charger.

(Full disclosure – if you purchase Color Muse  I will earn a small commission. Also, while I received the product for free, my opinions are my own and if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have done a post.)

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13 thoughts on “Perfect Color Matching by Color Muse”

  1. This device could come in very handy. I will put it on my Christmas wish list.

    Your post are among the ones I always want to read.

    Cherish the Day

  2. I could actually find a 1000+ uses for this — school colors, carpets, outdoor (green of) plants seen through windows, Christmas ornaments (red), gray of porcelain fixtures in old bathroom….wow. How long, how hard have I tried to match (and lugged items to paint store).
    Always in search of a tool that does it better. In this case, maybe better than my phone.


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