Cozy Nooks and Alcoves

There’s something so enticing about cute little nooks and alcoves for reading, eating and napping. These secret alcoves can be tucked away around a corner or carved out of a niche or unused closet space (if there is such a thing).

Bed alcoves have long been used as a way to keep inhabitants warm in the days before central heating.

Nicholas-Groves-Raines-Edinburgh-Rescue-Mission-House and Home Nooks
Lamb’s House in Edinburgh, via House & Home/UK

Cute little day beds can be simple as above or luxurious as the one featured below which was part of the 2013 Boston Design magazine Design Home. Can’t you just imagine taking a nap here, or listening to the sounds of little girls telling secrets?

boston-design-home-sleeping-nook Family Kitchens photo Michael J Lee alcove
2013 Boston Design Home Sleeping Nook by Family Kitchens. | Photo by Michael J Lee

If you look closely, right in the middle of this gorgeous Paris set piece from Starz TV’s Outlander, there is a sweet little sleeping alcove.

Outlander Paris Set Jon Gary Steel sleeping nook alcove
Outlander set design by Jon Gary Steele

If you aren’t doing a new build, you can still create some cute little nooks inside a closet space …

Hidden bed book from Seasons website sleeping nooks and alcove

And finally, if you can’t built it in, how about making it mobile!

Malcew modular portable reading nooks alcoves
Malcew Modular reading nook

After all this, I think I need to take a little nap!

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