Happy Thanksgiving!

“Perhaps the World Ends Here” by Joy Harjo.

I came across this poem it really felt right to me this Thanksgiving. Time growing up at the kitchen table with my family is some of the most precious time of my life. Holidays were spent gathered round, enjoying a meal and the comfort of loved ones.

We hear so much about how we are divided these days and I honestly have no patience for that. People are talking of finding the Thanksgiving holiday too stressful because family members don’t share the same views.

We are becoming a society of people who are completely unwilling to hear what others are saying, yet we demand that we are heard. I am blessed to be a part of a family that does not put politics ahead of family relationships. My family’s views span the political spectrum from right to left.  We are not thwarted in expressing opinions, nor do we try to beat each other down with them. Our Thanksgiving table is simply not a battleground of “whataboutism”. We may or may not understand each other’s views all the time, but we listen. Because we love each other. And in the calmness of respect, we can sometimes open each other’s minds to new ideas and ways of looking at things.

I wish for you the same with your family.

Today I am thinking about my mom Dorothy, who passed away five years ago today. This photo was taken about six months before she passed on her birthday.

Linda Merrill Dorothy Merrill

And my beautiful little RoyRoy, whom I said goodbye to just three weeks ago. This photo was taken on Thanksgiving 2014 – he was all dressed for company! He was only 6-1/2 and gone way too soon. But I am grateful to have shared my home with him for the last 4-1/2 years.

RoyRoy Merrill dachsund

I am very grateful to all my clients, readers and industry friends – you make each day very special indeed!

7 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Hello Linda, Happy Thanksgiving,. How fortunate to have this warm-hearted holiday at such a beautiful time of the year. Thanksgiving is an especially appropriate time to remember those no longer with us, and I am especially sorry to hear of the recent loss of your pet. I was just getting to know him through your photos.

    On a cheerier note, this is a main reason why we work to establish beautiful homes–to make a pleasant place of gathering and celebration for those close to us.

    • Hi Jim, Happy Thanksgiving to you! And thank you about RoyRoy – he was such a sweet boy and I miss him terribly. You’re so right about why we work to make homes beautiful – it’s all about celebrating our loved ones!


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