The Paper Florist: Stunning Paper Flowers by Suzi McLaughlin


The Paper Florist by Suzi McLaughlin Cover
THE PAPER FLORIST by Suzi McLaughlin © 2019 Kyle Books, and photographs © Anna Batchelor.

A fresh crop of Spring release interior design books has arrived and with it came this charmingly photographed and inspirational how-to book of the works of paper flowers artist Suzi McLaughlin. THE PAPER FLORIST: Create and Display Stunning Paper Flowers (Kyle Books, April 2019) offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to make these amazing floral creations using simple tools and paper.

The Paper Florist Pg 5-6 Paper Flowers
Suzi McLaughlin

Look at this amazing cherry blossom wall hanging! A simple branch found in the woods covered with paper cherry blossoms. It’s so pretty isn’t it!

The Paper Florist Cherry Blossom wall piece Page 87 paper flowers

Can’t you just imagine using these flowers as decorations for a wedding. So sweet and so artistic.

The Paper Florist staircase flowers Paper Flowers

And really, it doesn’t take much in the way of supplies unlike a lot of craft hobbies. Just some patience.

The Paper Florist tools Pg 70 paper flowers


So, while I’m not personally in the market for a new hobby (my decoupage has been languishing since Christmas!) I thought I’d test out the instructions and do a little bit of paper flower making. The book includes handy templates which you can photocopy and cut out.

Linda Merrill leaves 1 paper flowers

I made this sweet ranunculus, which is one of my absolute favorite flowers. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I didn’t completely finish these paper flowers – I didn’t secure them or add stems. But for the purposes of quickly trying them out, I thought this came out pretty well for a first attempt!

Linda Merrill paper flowers ranunculas

Can you guess what kind of paper I used?

Linda Merrill ranuncula 3 paper flowers

Ben Moore to the rescue!

Linda Merrill ranuncula and leaves paper flowers

Yep, I dipped in to my large paint chip supply box for this experiment.

Suzi McLaughlin doesn’t appear to have a website, but she does have an active Instagram account with lots of pretty projects and also her adorable babies. BTW, the French language version of the book is called FLEURS THÉRAPIE – which I think is so perfect. Craft projects have such therapeutic benefits – from the calmness of the process to the satisfaction of the outcome. It’s a time to just “be” which I find so important. Even if the results aren’t perfect – that’s okay. A beautiful result is an honorable goal but it’s the benefits lie in the process of getting there.

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Please note that I was sent this book for review purposes. No other consideration was provided and all opinions are my own. Basically, I don’t write about a book unless I like it! Also, the link to Buy the Book contains an affiliate code which means that if you purchase, a small commission is paid to me at no additional cost. This commission goes to help support this blog. Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “The Paper Florist: Stunning Paper Flowers by Suzi McLaughlin”

  1. Hello Linda, Congratulations on your talented work on these flowers. I don’t have the patience or the talent for crafts, but sometimes I run across odd Victorian ones–they had their own ideas about what to decorate their homes with. Some are attractive, but some (like woven hair wreaths) have more of a horror-fascination to them.

    • Hi Jim – thanks! That one little flower was fun, but my patience is more to things that go a little faster, which is why I don’t knit. Too slow! And yes, those Victorian’s really had some odd little interests didn’t they?


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