Meet the Artists: When Art Gets Personal

One thing I’ve learned in my years as a member of the interior design industry is that my colleagues both near and far are not only talented, but they are so kind. The last 18 months has been a challenge as I dealt with my beloved dachshund RoyRoy’s back disease and eventually losing him in October 2018. A couple of months later I received the most amazing gift.

When Art Gets Personal:

Pamela Copeman, Massachusetts Artist and Interior Designer

Pamela Copeman Massachusetts Artist
Pamela Copeman, Massachusetts artist and interior designer

One evening I was checking my Instagram and this little face popped up in my feed. He was unmistakeable, though I was so surprised that I couldn’t help but wonder if I was seeing things.

RoyRoy Merrill Pamela Copeman Art unframed

But no, this was my little boy in portraiture – based on a photo I’d taken a couple of years before and had posted on line.

RoyRoy Merrill photo

My local friend and fellow interior designer Pamela Copeman had painted my little guy as a gift – as she called it: playing “Secret Santa”. She’d posted it online without tagging or naming me – just to surprise me when I came across it.  Others had already commented as they recognized him as well. I’d been planning on having a portrait painted of him to commemorate his life and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby. I had it framed in this chunky, ornate frame and hung it in my living room where I can greet him every day.

Pamela Copeman Art RoyRoy Framed

This isn’t my first piece of Pamela Coleman Art. A few years ago I bought this cute little woodland sprite oil painting on board. I can’t say what it is – but I just love it. So whimsical – which really describes Pamela’s painting style – whimsy, glamour and color.

Pamela Copeman Art Girl with floral crown

My little woodland sprite has become a sort of “elf of the shelf” in my house as I move her around to surprising spaces just because it amuses me. Here she was peaking out from a cubby in my antique desk. By the way, there is nothing in my house that’s in this muted gray, orange and yellow color palette. When we purchase art that speaks to us, there will always be a place for it. Or in this case – many places!

Linda Merrill Design Pamela Copeman Art painting

White brick fireplace, black bust, Hermes orange box, scarf, small oil painting


Visit Pamela Copeman Art here:

Instagram     |      Art Website



When Art Gets Personal:

Shelly Gerritsma North Carolina Artist and Interior Designer

Shelly Gerritsma Artist

I only recently “met” Shelly Gerristma online when a mutual design industry colleague on Facebook posted about her adorable illustrations. Shelly creates these cute little works of art for pet lovers (she’s a horse woman) and interior designers looking for illustrations of their rooms or themselves as part of their branding. I had recently completed a design project and was looking around for a gift for my lovely clients. Once I saw Shelly’s work, I just knew this would be perfect. I sent her images of the furnishings and my client’s adorable dog Ollie.

Ollie and furniture linda merrill hingham ma

Et voila! How cute is this?? I had it framed and matted in a nice thick burled wood frame (forgot to take a photo) and my clients were thrilled!

Shelly Gerritsma Ollie illustration

Shelly was also kind enough to create this adorable illustration of me and my boy as a surprise! She went through my Facebook photos and my website and really captured everything so well! As an interior designer, Shelly really understands furniture design and also proportions of furnishings and people.

Shelly Gerritsma artists RoyRoy Illustration

The chair and RoyRoy were based, I believe, on this image below.


Shelly’s art and illustration website is called The Curious Crayon and she also designs and sell fabrics and wallpapers on Spoonflower!

Visit Shelly Gerritsma Art and Design here:

Instagram      |     Design Website


I can’t thank both of these talented women enough for creating such beautiful works of art for my home and my client’s. There is nothing better than when art gets personal!

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14 thoughts on “Meet the Artists: When Art Gets Personal”

  1. Thank you for sharing these two talented artists. I remember you posting how you were surprised by the Secret Santa art. Thanks for sharing the talent of these ladies.

  2. Wonderful post about wonderful artists, Linda! I love Pam’s work and remember when she gifted you with the beautiful painting of Roy Roy that captured him so perfectly. I’m also delighted to “meet” Shelly, and for the wonderful client gift idea! Thank you for sharing these terrific resources!

  3. Linda — What a wonderful post, showcasing the work of Pam and Shelley. I love that Pam surprised you and made it so meaningful for you, and that you found Shelly and had her create a special moment for your clients. Shelly’s illustrations rock my world, and I know you know I also own some of Pam’s artwork, too.

    They are both such talented artists! There’s nothing quite like living with art that has such personal meaning. That’s why I collect the artwork of people I know. I feel like the energy of my friends are always surrounding me that way.


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