A Pretty in Pink Palm Beach Mansion


Today, for purely selfish reasons, I am sharing this amazing pink Palm Beach mansion that was featured in Veranda magazine in February 2019. Why selfish? Because, I just adore pink and green as well as antique homes and my entire Nook Cottage is in this color palette. Also, it’s Friday and since I used to have a regular Friday post called Friday Pretty I feel justified in basically just posting these gorgeous rooms. And gushing… And hoping no one compares this amazing historic 1920’s Palm Beach water-front mansion with my tiny little 1920’s New England water-front cottage!

The lush grounds were done by Landscape Designer Mario Nievera of Nievera Williams Landscape Architecture.


There’s plenty more photos of this gorgeous pink Palm Beach mansion over at Veranda.

I’ve put together a shopping boutique inspired by the loggia in this beautiful home. (Disclaimer: this boutique includes affiliate links. When you purchase, a small commission is paid to me at no additional cost to you. This helps support this blog).

xoxo Linda

6 thoughts on “A Pretty in Pink Palm Beach Mansion”

  1. Hello Linda, A thoroughly agreeable house and design scheme. It does need a bit of personalization and history of the current owner, but the architecture is amazing. That decorator/trophy kitchen, though, is awful. And who knows what they demolished in order to build it. Your idea of blue walls is a good one but I am afraid that it would only be a tiny step in reducing its commercial, uncomfortable aspects. I am glad you ended with those great patio and outdoor photos.

    • Hi Jim – yes, the stark white kitchen is a bit of a needle scratch after all the soft feminine lines of the rest of the house. If it had been cream and brass with all the modern lines it would have been less of a surprise. Ah well. I may do some investigating to see what was there before reno. It might not have been anything specials, to be honest.


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