Travel Tuesday – Old World Hospitality, Modern Luxury

It’s kind of late in the day on Tuesday and it’s been a while since I’ve done a Travel Tuesday post, but wanted to share three places I’ve just learned about that exude both old world hospitality and modern luxury.

 The Jane Hotel – New York City

I was introduced to The Jane Hotel in a recent episode of The Late Late Show’s Day Drinking Segment – where host Seth Myers does, you guessed it, some day drinking with various celebrities. In this episode, Seth and Rihanna spent the afternoon at The Jane Hotel. Watching the segment, I just wanted to know more about where they were. A little investigating did not disappoint. But first, let’s do a little day drinking:

1 The Jane Hotel Lobby Old world hospitality

3 The Jane Hotel detail Old world hospitality

It’s very “Grand Budapest Hotel”, which I could have sworn I posted about here on my blog, but can’t find the post.

From Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel
2 The_Jane_Rooftop_Bar_1a Old World Hospitality
Rooftop Bar
2 The_Jane_Rooftop_Bar_345 Old World Hospitality
Rooftop Bar ceiling detail
3 The_Jane_Ballroom_3962 Old World Hospitality
The_Jane_Ballroom Mezzanine Old World hospitality
Ballroom mezzanine
4 the-jane-Captain Old World Luxury
Captain’s Bedroom
4 The_Jane_communal_bath_29 Old World Hopsitality
Communal Bathroom

Really, all I can say is that The Jane Hotel is the epitome of old world hospitality “swank”.  The reviews look quite good, though many say it’s a bit rundown and the rooms are small – they actually call them “cabins” which is a hint. Only the Captain’s Cabin has ensuite bathrooms, the tiny Standard and Bunk Cabins do not have private bathrooms, which is something to consider. But, the rates are super reasonable for New York City.

 The Garrison Inn – Newburyport, MA

So, I was going to make this post just about The Jane Hotel, but this weekend, I came across this intriguing photo on Instagram by photographer Chris Disario and I had to know where this beautiful room is! Turns out, it’s part of the newly renovated Garrison Inn in Newburyport – my favorite city!

Garrison Inn facade Old World Hospitality
Garrison Inn – then and now

I stayed at the Garrison Inn a little over five years ago and it was quite lovely, old world, small. The only hitch was that I’d had to park in the overflow parking across the street and there had been a blizzard overnight and I had to shovel my car out – which wasn’t a pleasant end to a lovely stay. But not the end of the world either.

Garrison Inn Ladyfinger Lounge Old World Hospitality
The Ladyfinger Lounge

You may guess, if you’re a regular reader, that the image I referred to was a photoshoot done in this amazing pink tea room called The Ladyfinger Lounge. The hotel is definitely feminine and sexy (they even have a lingerie shop) but it’s also clearly feminist in their messaging. The ladies are definitely taking center stage and owning it.

Garrison Inn Ladyfinger Lounge Pink velvet Old World hospitality
The Ladyfinger Lounge

Currently, the tea lounge is only for hotel guests, but they did let me know that they will be opening to the public for tea at some point. Hopefully soon! This room is too pretty to be hidden away!

The Ladyfinger lounge
Garrison Inn Lobby Old World Hospitality
The Lobby

When I stayed, the main floor was dark and very old-school. On a snowy winter’s evening, it was warm and inviting. But I do have to say that I love the renovations. The designer is Assembly Design Studio which focuses on hospitality projects, interior design, branding and photography. For any design job – whether it’s residential or commercial/hospitality – it’s so important to hire a professional who is well versed in the style and type of project at hand.

Garrison Inn Lounge Old World Hospitality
Sitting Room
Garrison Inn Loft Room Old world hospitality
Loft Room


Garrison Inn Room corner king Old World Hospitality
Guest room

The guest rooms look generally the same as when I stayed – maybe refreshed a bit. Very low-key chic, comfortable and quiet. The bathroom was lovely as I recall. Unlike The Jane, the Garrison Inn is a much pricier hotel, but you do get your own lovely bathroom – which is kind of a big deal for many of us

 Sketch London – Old World Hospitality

Sketch London is a dining venue in Mairfair part of London with several luxurious looking dining spaces. When I posted (and gushed) over The Ladyfinger Lounge on my Instagram a couple of my followers mentioned that it reminded them of Sketch London, so I checked it out, and there is a definitely similarity to The Gallery (though on a tiny scale).

Sketch Londong Gallery_Bar Old World Hospitality
The Gallery
Sketch London Gallery Old World Hospitality
The Gallery
Sketch London Sketch Gallery Old World Hospitality
The Gallery

I’m not sure if the designer’s of the Ladyfinger Lounge took old world hospitality inspiration from this room – though it’s hard to imagine they didn’t. Interior designer Miles Redd has said that there aren’t that many new ideas, it’s only in how you interpret them for the space at hand that really matters. A concept with which I tend to agree.

Sketch London Lecture room 2 Old World Hospitality
The Lecture Room
Sketch London Lecture Room Old World Hospitality
The Lecture Room

The upholstered-looking walls in The Lecture Room are the real standouts for me, as is the carpet.

Sketch London The Glade Old World Hospitality
The Glade

I think The Glade is my favorite. As much as I love the pink Gallery, I love smaller more intimate spaces and this is just so delectable in palette and style.

Sketch London Old World Hospitality new_glade Old World Hospitality
The Glade

Sketch London‘s website, I must say it, is the worst. I guess I’m not cool enough for it, because I cannot navigate it at all. There is some interesting info on the history of the building and the new owners/chef on Wikipedia. Apparently they change their decor frequently, so who knows how long these beautiful rooms will be there is anyone’s guess.

So, who’s loving old world hospitality and booking the reservations?

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  1. Linda – I LOVED this! The Ladyfinger Lounge…oh how I wish to see that in person! I love your Travel Tuesday posts. How exactly do we get a job like Seth’s?

  2. Linda – I am really drawn to those images of The Glade. It has that mysterious, magical ambiance I am drawn to when I travel. Thanks for this great recap look at some of your favorite hotels! And I agree with Janet above: let’s go!

  3. Fantastic selections, Linda! What a fun tour. I think we should all get to London to check out the Glade before they do something else to it! Also….London would be a fabulous trip in general! #goals


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