Bar Carts, Creativity and Cocktails – Heading Home to Dinner 2019

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Heading Home to Dinner 2019 dining by event held here in Boston. They raised an astounding $177K for Heading Home, an organization which helps combat homelessness.

One of the really creative aspects of this event, and one that’s unlike any other decorated table top events that I’ve head of, are the bar carts that are decorated. Doing an entire table for ten is a huge proposition for most designers in terms of cost, materials and effort. So, the bar carts became an easier entry to participation for many talented designers and industry professionals. Plus, these carts are then auctioned off over the course of the two-day event. Half at the opening cocktail party and the other half at the sit down dinner. Those who did the bar carts were so creative in their presentations and story telling. They are more than a simple bar cart, but truly design vignettes. I didn’t get photos of every bar cart, but here are several that I know you’ll enjoy.

Zoe Forbes Bar carts design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Zoe Forbes


Susan Burt Bar carts design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Susan Burt


Sheffield Interiors Bar carts design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Sheffield Interiors


Sarah Winchester Bar carts design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Sarah Winchester


Sacris Design Bar carts design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Sacris Design


Replacements Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Replacements


Meghan Shadrick Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Meghan Shadrick


Kim Tosi & Brown Jordan Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Kim Tosi & Brown Jordan


Jill Najnigier Urban Edge Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Jill Najnigier


Diana Frucci Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Diana Frucci


Annie Damphousse Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Annie Damphousse


Andrea Attisani & Jessica Del Prete Bar cart design Heading Home to Dinner 2019
Designed by: Andrea Attisani & Jessica Del Prete

While I was taking photos of the tables and carts I ran into blogger Katie from Preppy Empty Nester. She wrote a fun post on the event as well, which you can see here.

If these posts have put you in the entertaining spirit, I have a great profile coming up on two new book releases – A GREAT PARTY by Boston event planner extraordinaire Bryan Rafanelli (who did Chelsea Clinton’s wedding among many other star studded events) as well as Ronda Carman’s new book ENTERTAINING AT HOME which features the homes and parties – with recipes! – hosted by some of the countries best interior designers. Both books are amazing!

On a personal note, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new design assistant – Sansa Bark!


A year ago this week, I lost my little RoyRoy. It was a very tough year for me personally and I still miss him every day.


But I was also missing have a little furry friend in my life and the time was right to welcome a new little love.

If you notice a resemblance, aside from the fact that they are both short-hair red dachshunds, Sansa is RoyRoy’s great-granddaughter. She’s 10 weeks old and a total love. I’m in the throes of puppy training and I’ll admit – it’s exhausting! But I am so happy to have a cuddly warm little friend again!

Any and all puppy training advice is welcome!

xoxo Linda

20 thoughts on “Bar Carts, Creativity and Cocktails – Heading Home to Dinner 2019”

  1. I love this post and revisiting those glorious carts. Some I never even saw so it was good to see them a first time through your wonderful photos. As far as your new baby….you already know I’m in love.

  2. Hello Linda, Congratulations on your new puppy, and I wish you much joy with each other. About the bar carts and displays of alcohol, I am a little ambivalent, as I do not drink, yet we have always had “tea” carts and managed to make them a useful part of the décor. I find that they are like mantels, in that they can have various vignettes and seasonal or temporary displays. The carts are also great to press into extra service for buffets and even regular dinners.

    • Hi Jim – That’s such a great point about bar carts being like mantels! I think last year someone at this event did a tea cart, or a hot cocoa cart – it was non-alcoholic which was a fun and appropriate take. A kids themed drinks cart would be a great idea too.

  3. Hi Linda ~ Good morning. I am so happy to see that you have a new puppy in your life. Sansa Bark is just precious, although I do get how exhausting that initial training is for you, her #PuppyMama. But, I have no doubt that you will be both be the happier, over the long term, for that investment of time and love and discipline.

    Re: the bar carts? They are just gorgeous and it thrills me to know that Heading Home for Dinner raised over 177,000.00 to help the homeless. What a worthwhile and fun event this is for everyone there in Boston…and we, the onlookers, get to be so visually enriched with all the beauty that these designers are creating. Thanks for bringing it to us.

    I loved seeing all of these different styles of barcarts and kudos to all the designers who spent so much time designing them.

    Thanks for bringing us this great overview!

    • Hi Leslie – as they say when parenting, the days are long, but the years are short. Being so “on” when she’s awake is actually a good exercise about putting down the phone and focusing with out multi-tasking. Thanks!

  4. First of all, congratulations on your new addition. Sansa Bark looks like a sweetie!

    The bar carts….where do I begin? Such a smaller piece of furniture that can truly pack a punch! I’ll be using one this Christmas holiday season and can’t wait to come back to this post for inspiration. Thank you for sharing these! Will be pinning like mad!

  5. Those are really neat. Love it! Thank you for sharing. Please immediately bring Sansa Bark to my house so I can snuggle that adorable nugget of cute. WOW! What a face. Love her! Congrats!

  6. Hi Linda! I love your new pictures of Sansa Bark! She is JUST adorable and I know you are totally enjoying her even if it is exhausting! Thanks for sharing this post with some of the fabulous bar carts from the event – so much creativity goes into this and it’s such an awesome and apropos cause!

  7. Awww there’s just so much to love about this post. From the beautiful and colorful wine bars to your new baby and to the heart wrenching reveal where you talk about losing your former baby. I enjoyed your last post and this one was just as beautiful. Take care of yourself and that sweet new baby!


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