Entertaining Fall 2019 Design Books

I wanted to share these two entertaining Fall 2019 books which focus on party planning from decorations to recipes. One is about big events and the other is more intimate and personal. Both are filled with amazing photography and stylish party picture.

Bryan Rafinelli A Great Party Entertaining Fall 2019
© A Great Party: Designing the Perfect Celebration by Bryan Rafanelli, Rizzo New York, 2019. Cover photo by Roey Yohai.

Boston-based party and event planner extraordinaire Bryan Rafanelli ‘s new book A Great Party: Design the Perfect Celebration is filled with wonderful party photos and tips for putting on a great event. Rafanelli Events was behind Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, Obama Whitehouse Christmas Decorations as well as some state dinners, plus countless fundraising events and private weddings.

Bryan Rafinelli A Great Party Boston Public Library Entertaining Fall 2019
The Boston Public Library was the setting for this lucky couple’s wedding. Photo by Roey Yohai.
Bryan Rafinelli A Great Party 1 Entertaining Fall 2019
An outdoor wedding set at the barn-like Parrish Art Museum created a sense of eating at home with the family. Photo by Michael Blanchard.


Bryan Rafinelli A Great Party candles Entertaining Fall 2019
A wall of votive candles was erected for this rehearsal dinner to bring twinkling candlelight from inside to outside. Photo by Allan Zapeda
Bryan Rafinelli A Great Party White House Obama Christmas Hall Entertaining Fall 2019
Christmas at the White House during the Obama years featured 56 snowmen on the lawn representing the 56 US states and territories and the ceiling filled with paper snowflakes were made by local school children. Photo by Michael Blanchard

The book ends with a list of Rafanelli’s Rules for creating a memorable event. Among the several rules are: Think Big; Beauty in Numbers; and Tell a Story.

Whether you’re actually planning a big do or just a fan of gorgeous photos and luxurious party decorations, this book is a visual feast that would also make a great gift for the party planner in your life.

Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home book cover Denise and Scot McGaha dinner table Entertaining Fall 2019
© Entertaining at Home by Ronda Carman, Rizzoli New York, 2019. Principal Photography by Matthew Mead and Michael Hunter.

Blogger turned book author Ronda Carman has released her second book Entertaining at Home which features the homes and recipes from friends in the worlds of interior design, architecture, culinary arts and fashion.

Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Pg 85 Entertaining Fall 2019
Dinner with Amy Beth Cupp in her 250 year old former dairy barn. The chapter features recipes for Mulligatawny Soup and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread.


Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Photo Credit Pam Kelley Pg 157 Entertaining Fall 2019
Sunday Supper with Pam Kelly where the party is moved last minute indoors due to rain. Recipes include cioppino and wine pairings.
Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Photo Credit Bethany McCann Pg 186 Entertaining Fall 2019
A Seaside Supper with Bethany McCann featuring a recipe for grilled peaches, goat cheese and candied pecan salad.
Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Photo Credit Ronda Carman Pg 106 Entertaining Fall 2019
Soup on Sunday with Ronda Carmen. For years, Ronda has done a Soup on Sunday blog post with what soup’s on the menu for that day. Recipes include Oyster Stew.
Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Pg 114-115 Denise & Scott McGaha Entertaining Fall 2019
Barbecue with Denise and Scott McGaha (also book jacket cover) features Scott’s grilling tips and recipes for Lemon Preserved Skillet Fried Chicken.
Ronda Carman Entertaining At Home Pg 50 Entertaining Fall 2019
Lunch at the Ranch with Lynn Wyatt featuring recipes for Pico de Gallo and Guacamole.

Where the Rafanelli book is big E ENTERTAINING, Ronda’s book brings it right into the home with intimate celebrations across the country. Gorgeous photography, table settings and yummy food make this book not only inspirational but also attainable.

I think these two entertaining Fall 2019 books are the perfect pairing for large and small celebrations with lots of amazing photography, great ideas and inspiration just in time for the holiday.

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xoxo Linda

12 thoughts on “Entertaining Fall 2019 Design Books”

  1. Hello Linda, Thanks for a glimpse into these books. Coffee-table books are no longer for me, as I have to pack as much reading as I can in my suitcases, and any book that weighs over a pound had better justify itself! I managed to carry back 43 books this year, but I can supplement them with some still-unread books I already have.

    This and your recent post have shown that imaginative table settings make a marked difference. Right before I left Ohio, my mother made a special dinner, and used her wedding china and silver, creating a memorable occasion.

  2. Hi Linda.. I loved seeing these inside peaks into these two books. Ronda lives here in Houston, as you know, and TODAY and TOMORROW, she is signing her book at Bering’s Hardware here. I am thinking of taking Mom there today… I think she would enjoy the trip, enjoy Berings and would enjoy meeting Ronda.

    And can I just say how much I LOVE that wall of votives created by Brian? SO gorgeous

  3. Linda, every time I visit your blog I not only learn something valuable, but also I get to see YOUR GORGEOUS BLOG! wow it’s beautiful, and I am so glad this resource is here for all to see. Well done.

  4. You always have the best design photography collections. Such beautiful photography in these books and I had no idea that the Obama’s adored snowmen in this way. I do know that Michelle was a huge Christmas decor addict. Thanks for sharing these books.

  5. The wall of candles….I had to go back and look at the picture over and over. I’m not sure what is drawing me to it, but I LOVE it! These books have so much beauty in them. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I love what I am previewing in Rhonda’s book especially seeing my friend, Pam Kelly, beautiful table and foods! What a fabulous idea you have highlighting these wonderful books for your blog post. thank you for all your wonderful images too!


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