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ara Shaw Soul Of The Home Cover
SOUL OF THE HOME: Designing with Antiques by Tara Shaw | © Abrams 2020

One of the most gorgeous books I’ve seen in a long time just landed on my desk and I’m so excited to share it with you! And better yet – I’m excited that one lucky reader will win a copy of this book – SOUL OF THE HOME: Designing with Antiques by Tara Shaw – courtesy of Abrams Publishing.

Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p037a Photo credit Maxim Kim-Bee Tara Shaw
Author, Designer and Antiques Dealer Tara Shaw and her Whippet, Brother Luca | Photo by Maxim Kim-Bee

Designer and antiques dealer Tara Shaw is a respected supplier of French and other European antiques for a host of AD100 And ELLE Decor A-listers, including Bobby McAlpine, Mary McDonald, and Bunny Williams.  In her first book, Soul of the Home, Shaw helps readers understand how to select the best antiques and how to use them in a variety of decor schemes. Her distinctive vision offers a modern take on using antiques in interior design.

It’s well know that antique furniture – aka “brown furniture” – has been out of fashion the last several years – unless it was Mid-Century Modern. Of course, collectors and owners didn’t abandon their beautiful pieces – but new buyers and younger folks eschewed these pieces because they felt like “grammy” furniture. Tara’s use of antiques in her interiors, some of which you’ll see below and so many others in the book, absolutely shows how wrong this idea is. BTW, we now have a new term “Grandmillennial” aka “Granny Chic” that’s hit the zeitgeist and brown and antique furniture are making a comeback. I will say, Tara’s designs and use of antiques in her interiors are anything but “Granny”, unless Granny is stylish and forward thinking.

Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p038a Photo credit Maxim Kim-Bee white living room antique furniture
Photo credit Maxim Kim-Bee


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p107a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography antique furniture
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p113a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography fireplace and white sofa antique furniture
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p131a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography bedroom iron canopy antique furniture
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p189a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography Kitchen open shelving antique furniture accessories
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p202a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography modern living room fireplace antique furniture
Photo credit Paul Costello


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p207a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography modern kitchen antique furniture lighting
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p209a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography sideboard brown furniture antique furniture mirror lighting
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography


I love this quote from the book:

“… an antique can seduce you in a way that no assembly-line- produced good ever could. And if you fill your environment with pieces that make you feel that way, then guess what? You’re probably going to fall in love with your environment, too.” Tara Shaw, SOUL OF THE HOME

I so agree with this – even if you only have one truly antique item, it will elevate your space like nothing else. Antiques can, of course, be quite costly but they don’t need to be. Good quality family pieces, passed down, will bring history, uniqueness and patina to any space. Antiques and vintage furnishings are the environmentally friendly option – they’ve withstood the test of time and are usually made much better than comparably priced new pieces.

Tara Shaw Soul Of The Home _p240a Photo credit Paul Costello Photography modern graphic bathroom marble brass washstand antique furniture mirror
Photo credit Paul Costello Photography

SOUL OF THE HOME includes a brief tutorial in antique furniture styles including the various Louis styles, Italian, Swedish, Empire, Neo-Classical and Mid-Century modern. She also includes tips on learning about antiques and how to start a collection. Plus, the photos are all incredible! This is definitely a must-have for lovers of gorgeous interiors and antiques.

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33 thoughts on “Antique Furniture: Tara Shaw SOUL OF THE HOME Book Giveaway!”

  1. Hello Linda, I am sure that you know that I love antiques, and that I have several collecting areas, most recently the Chinese antiques I have been picking up in Taiwan. Figuring out how to display them to advantage is the hard part. I have always had to put many pieces away, but then there is the fun of rediscovering them when it is time for a change.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Why would I love this book? It looks like a work of art, beautiful, intriguing, something you want to pick up and look at over and over again. Antiques have stories. I love to imagine where something lived, who owned it, and how it got to be here. Then there is the beauty inherent in an antique – nothing quite like the workmanship that used to exist. Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. From what you have shared, this book looks wonderful!
    My favorite antique piece is a curved front cabinet that had been my grandmothers.
    Otherwise, my next favorite, although not 100 years old, is the bedroom set I ordered late winter of 1977. Double bed, dresser, mirrored hutchtop, chest of drawers and a nightstand, made by Sweat-Comings Company – Richford, Vermont

  4. Linda,
    What a lovely book! I am very sentimental and have many family pieces, some large, most small antiques. To see every day the things my mother, grandmother and sister loved means so much to me. I have two favorite things. One a secretary that was my grandmothers, not in the best of shape and has many dings and nicks. When I open the glass doors I can inhale the fragrance of my childhood when I would sneak and open the tiny drawers inside the desk to look for hidden treasures. The second favorite would be a ceramic clock that hung in my grandmothers kitchen every day of her life until it came to mine. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.
    Sherry B

  5. The book looks very interesting. I love antiques. We lived in England for almost seven years and my hobby was looking for antiques. My favorite antique came from a local dealers. He found an Edwardian Welsh dresser in Wales in a barn. He restored and I bought it . It is oak and had the original stain glass panels that look like strawberries in a plum color. It is my China cabinet.

  6. I went with a friend to High Point several years back and saw a booth by Tar Shaw–never have I seen such an amazing assortment of WOW! She has an incredible eye so it is no surprise that her book is fabulous!

  7. This book looks right up my alley! “Brown furniture” has always been “in” with me. Looks like a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. I have a favorite antique desk that I found for practically nothing. It’s light pine and it has always spoken to me. It has always manage to look lovely through all the times I’ve moved.

  9. I, unfortunately, have NO family pieces since old things were out of style when my parents started buying furniture. But, I do have French antiques that I purchased in the 1990’s. I haven’t fallen for recent trends and disposed of them so I am so happy to see a designer that celebrates them in new ways.

  10. Hi Linda,
    I am struck by how Ms. Shaw pairs older, ornate pieces with a clean, modern look so that these pieces become the highlight and focus of a room. No space appears crowded or dark, but all looks clean, bright, and beautiful. It’s nice to see antiques receive new life in modern spaces instead of being eschewed by contemporary design. Thank you sharing this book and its philosophy and also for the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  11. I can’t wait to read this! My favorite antique is a black iron hall tree which is now in my foyer. I bought it years ago in Baton Rouge at Fireside Antiques. It is French, c. 1880, and at the time I bought it I used it in my sunroom which opened to my back yard. I also used black wicker and a black iron table base. The room was black and white with apple green walls, the one that were part of the house — the other three sides were all windows. It was like being in the treetops, as our lot was heavily wooded. I still miss this room!

  12. I have had a love of most things old, before it was in style. One of my favorite pastimes is looking at beautiful interiors, and this book looks like it would provide lots of breathtaking moments.

  13. I would love to be entered in the give away. I have been following Tara Shaw for some time. Someday I hope to be able to attend her famous antique sales

    • Hi from a very dark rainy England! It’s on days like this, pouring with rain that we draw inspiration from our immediate surroundings. Our homes are so so important to our mental health and wellbeing and it is, apparently a proven scientific fact, that beautiful homes and what we decorate with/display can enhance our emotional and thus, physical well-being.

      I first came across Tara Shaw in US’s House Beautiful magazine in 2012, which I kept and subsequently AD. Her seemingly relaxed but glamorous interiors which are functional but supremely sophisticated are stunning and my heart skipped a beat when I saw an article on her own home!! The Gustavian bed in the window, flanked by patinated shabby torchieres …from memory, who wouldn’t want to move in!!

      I am inspired by many things from designers to fashion, nature etc. I love to decorate (having done so and collected and displayed my belongings since childhood). I fuss over my architectural pieces, corals, French faded furniture and antique French textiles relentlessly and create pleasing displays and back drops from which to sell French Antiques, architectural salvage and brocante…Tara Shaw is however, perhaps the only designer I know of, who I would want to do my own home and I can think of nothing more heartfelt or uplifting and inspiring, than sitting at the end of a busy day with a cup of English tea and pouring over more of her stunning designs.

      Best wishes!!! Suzie @queenbeekent

  14. ✨🙌🏻❣️I’ve been waiting for this book since Tara shared the book cover design so long ago! i’m the 3rd generation of antique marchants working with Europe and South America ( BTW:Shipping to Florida if this books come my way ;))✨) ) so the appreciation for the forms and materials through different styles and centuries started developing in me since an early age! I have been working with interior Design related to Private Collections ( museum-graphically) displayed in residencies and last year got an Interior Design Diploma encouraging myself to officially explore the interiors in a larger spectrum.. this book inspires me to take my knowledge to the next level and complement with tara’s experience creating spaces of timeless style and well-being. So generous of you to considere this giveaway ! &Thank you Linda ,for the little secrets you share in this wonderful page ! Best regards ! ✨

  15. I myself am an avid coffee book collector but what’s even better is that I’m obsessed with up cycling, vintage and antique pieces so this book is right up my alley. From what I can see it’s a gorgeous book and it would definitely make a great addition to my home. Thank you for the such beautiful giveaway. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hi Linda ~

    The images from Tara’s book are breathtaking! It is so exciting to see a book come out that so beautifully shows us how to fall back in love with preserving the antiques of the past through pairing them ins such fresh, modern ways with more contemporary materials and shapes. I have several *antiques* in my home that belonged to my Grandmother, and there are my most treasured possessions.

    I would love to be the winner of this book giveaway, and appreciate you offering it to us, your readers!

  17. This book looks so inspiring. I’ve never strayed from including “brown furniture” into many of my interiors because a curated look is always more interesting! I am sure I will enjoy this book. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

  18. What GORGEOUS images! I agree 1000% that pieces with the patina and character of antiques add the soul to a space. Of course having great architecture to house your antiques is always a plus too! Thank you for the stellar introduction to this book, Linda!

  19. Love the term Grandmillennials, Linda! And these images, oh my goodness how lovely they all are. I am not surprised that antiques are making a comeaback since almost all things of value do return.
    Like Leslie Carothers, I too have many very treasured antiques that are very happy co-existing with my electic style. As in life, our rooms should never be predictable.

  20. Wow, what a beautiful book! I personally love antiques although I have none from my family, just pieces I bought since I moved to Alaska. I have a bedroom filled with them from an Art Noveau bedroom set, to an old roll top desk, an antique bar. My favorite piece though is an antique red velvet fainting couch from the 1870[‘s in Alaska. I am sure it has had a sordid but colorful history!

  21. Me, me, me! Raising my hand here for the book giveaway!
    WOW- what an incredibly beautiful book on a subject near to my heart.
    We Southerners do oh-so-love our antiques and family heirlooms.
    I reluctantly closed my antique booth last year after 5 years, because I could not tend to it as much as it deserved and needed because of my business, and I miss it so!
    I’m going to post to social and share this beautiful book as well- thanks for sharing Linda!

  22. Truly an inspiring book. It’s perfect for taking one’s mind off all the depressing news lately. Along with many of your other commentators I agree that Tara Shaw’s style fills a gap that has been overlooked for too long. There are many of us out here that have never been able to give up our much loved antiques. Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.

  23. What a gorgeous book! My favorite antique is an old French baker’s table I found at an estate sale years ago. It was a wreck when I bought it and my husband truly questioned my sanity, until I cleaned it up and gave it pride of place in our home. Thank you for your beautiful blog and for this giveaway.


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