Forced Staycation? Movies & TV That Feed Your Decorator’s Soul

Forced Staycation movies

So, how are you doing? I imagine, like me, you’re pretty stressed about this whole situation we find ourselves in. I am working on a series of blog posts offering suggestions and resources for entertainment, education and maybe even tuning out the world with some pretty. First up: Staycation Movies and Television shows for the Decorator’s Soul. Since I’ve spent a blogging career writing about the set decor of movies and television programs, I thought I’d gather some of the best into this single blog post for your reference. All of these titles are available via streaming or on cable. I hope you enjoy!

Staycation movies

Something’s Gotta Give


Grace and Frankie besties memories over tea in kitchen Staycation movies

Grace and Frankie


Parlor Outlander River Run Interior house sitting room Jaime Jocasta Staycation movies



The Holiday


Home Again Staycation movies

Home Again



Ordeal by Innocence Dining Room Staycation movies

Ordeal By Innocence


Sharp Objects degournay Amy Adams Staycation movies

Sharp Objects



Staycation movies

Next up is a post with lots of links to museums, free college courses, etc. We need to make the best of this time and there is so much great stuff out there!

I will also be putting together some ideas and tips on re-decorating your house with what you already own! It’s always a great exercise in looking at what we live with every day with fresh eyes. I will also be offering a giveaway of an hour of my time to help three readers make some quick decisions for changes you can make now while spending so much time at home. We’ll do our consultation via Facetime or some other method that makes the most sense. So, stay tuned for that. And meanwhile, enjoy your Staycation Movies!

Let me know – what are you doing to cope with our new (and hopefully short term) normal? Stay well.

xoxo Linda

7 thoughts on “Forced Staycation? Movies & TV That Feed Your Decorator’s Soul”

  1. What a cool post. Linda! As Good As it Get is one of my all time favorites!! OMG, that house, seriously every time I watch this movie I want to move there. And the story is delicious! I look forward to your next ones.

  2. The first time I watched Grace and Frankie I almost hurt myself laughing. It is one of my favorite shows that just makes me laugh. You know – a good belly laugh. I have seen many of your other recommendations. Thank you for providing me some more choices to watch in the future!

  3. Thanks for all of these recommedations, LInda. There are some here i haven’t seen, but lately I haven’t been able to concentrate on one thing long enough to watch Netflix. However, I have watched Grace and Frankie all the way through, and it just fabulous. I 100% recommend it as a binge watch!

  4. Home Again was a cute movie – not realistic but cute, great chic flick! Did you ever read Reese’s book Whiskey in a Teacup? It’s a great read, it not only has pretty photos and recipes but it’s very inspirational on living the southern life. Hope you and the pup are well over there!


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