Creating a Zen Corner For Finding Peace


One thing I’ve really enjoyed are all the free offerings, performances, classes and YouTube programs coming from celebrities homes. It definitely feeds this nosy body’s curiosity. Yesterday I was thrilled to be able to participate in a hands-on distance learning program with one of the world’s foremost decoupage artists Jill Barnes-Dacey. Jill is based in Germany and participants dialed in via Zoom from all over the world, including one woman who was up at 1:00AM to join in. Jill sent some printable artwork and we all worked on similar (and yet very different) pieces using what we had on hand. I started the bowl above and am looking forward to finishing it! One thing I don’t have is a dedicated craft space, so when I’m working on a project, it feels like it takes over my whole cottage. Because it does!

Having some time to relax and focus on a single task – such as decoupage, reading or just having a cup of tea and maybe taking a moment to find some peace through prayer, meditation or just contemplation – is such a mood booster. Do you have a space for this in your home? Whether you live alone like me, or you’re hunkered down at home with extended family, I think having a zen corner will make such a difference.

Linda Merrill design armchair by fireplace books reading
Design by Linda Merrill | Photography by Michael J. Lee

Since running out and shopping isn’t feasible for many of us at this point, why not shop at home and create your own Zen Corner? Find a spot in the corner of your master bedroom or at the end of a hallway then steal a chair, a lamp and maybe a side table from other spots in your house and create something new. Changing things up by moving things around is a great way to see your home and furnishings in a fresh new way.


Zen Corner for Two?

Corner dining via homestead seattle zen corner
Corner dining via Homestead Seattle

I found this image above on Domino which credited Homestead Seattle. This house is an Airbnb in Seattle though the styling is different. But, if you have a small unused corner, maybe order a tiny table and chairs (unless you have a set hanging around) to just create this perfect little spot to rest and rejuvenate. This particular Airbnb sleeps up to 10 so offering up some spots for personal space is a great way to make guests feel the most comfortable.

play-room-under-stairs-pink-purple-tinsel-tree-Newburyport-Christmas-decorating-house-tour-2018 zen corner

A couple of years ago, I saw this cute little children’s space on a holiday house tour. This is the space under the main staircase in the house (hard to tell from the photo, but the door was still there). How cute is this for a little kid? But, you could also squeeze a small chair or bench seat with comfy cushions for a little private grown up space as well.

I’m a big believer in moving things around and seeing our homes in a new light. So, I hope this has given you some ideas for creating your own zen corner!


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19 thoughts on “Creating a Zen Corner For Finding Peace”

  1. Well done Linda, with this timing that has us all ready to fly the coop but cannot. Finding a spot to be in your own mental or emotional mode is essential yes today, but acutally for all times. You write so beautifully along with giving so many examples. thank you !

  2. Linda, these are really great tips for shopping in your own home. I have lost my little Zen space for my son’s ‘working from home’ office. It’s temporary, but I totally agree with having a space in your home for peace.

  3. The idea of creating a zen corner is a great one. I am thinking of upgrading the window seat in my Master Bedroom so I can have a little getaway spot! Thanks for inspiring me to take action on this.

    • I thought that was a really cute little idea for a B&B, especially one that accommodates a large group. It’s fun to vacation together, but also nice to have some alone time!

  4. Hi Linda! I hear you on it getting a little lonely there, I think many of us are feeling similarly. Thank goodness for our blogs where we can share that, and receive support!

    This blog post is so full of charming ideas.. and I, too, love the one about turning a chair to face the window. That’s a great idea and if you have a screen, and can put that up behind it.. or make one.. even better!

    And re: your online decoupage class….what you’ve started to create here is beautiful! I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

    Stay safe and (( hugs ))!

  5. Zen spaces are critical! I live for the corner with a chair and ottoman in my bedroom! I start almost every day there with a cup of tea and sometimes even spend all day working from there! You’ve inspired me to find some more corners in other spaces to add some pleasant getaways 🙂

    • Thanks Janet – the thought of spending the day in my bedroom just “being” and maybe doing some work sounds heavenly to me. Unfortunately, little puppies just aren’t on board with that!

  6. I love your ideas, and particularly the one about turning a chair around to face a window! I have such a spot in my house where that could work, so I’ll give it a try. Also, since I’m not rediscovering hobbies that I haven’t worked on in years, I forgot all about decoupage. I gave that a beginner’s try back in the seventies, but what you’ve shown is absolutely beautiful and inspires me to think about trying again. So, thanks!

    • Hi Paula – Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I keep picking up and putting down decoupage myself. But just the process of cutting out the paper pieces is so relaxing for me!


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