A Fresh Scandi New England Style Home in Wales

I love real estate listings from around the world and when I ran across this article in Forbes of a property in Wales billed as a Scandi New England style home – I was intrigued. It’s always fun to see what folks from other parts of the world think of as something New England. Of course, it’s always filtered through the lens of how we’ve interacted with a certain style – has it been in person or through a movie or television show? For instance, how does my sense of a French style interior match the real thing?

Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Exterior front

This is Tyddyn Llwydyn which is a 7,000 sq. foot newly remodeled home in Wales. I’d love to know how to pronounce Tyddyn Llwydyn! Welsh, like Gaelic, is a language that doesn’t usually sound at all like it’s spelled in English.

Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Exterior back


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Exterior back yard pool


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Kitchen tables chairs wood beams

All white kitchens are apparently big all over the world.  I do like the airiness of the Ghost chairs.

From the real estate listing: “The main house is simply amazing. Interior styled by Elle Winsor- Grime using almost exclusively Welsh/UK sourced materials and fittings and with works undertaken by Llyn artisans and craftsmen.
The focal point of the property is a huge double height dining kitchen with exposed oak beams and stunning stone-work. Warmed by an AGA and featuring integrated appliances by Neff with a Liebher US style fridge freezer. The bespoke cupboards are matched with beech surfaces, slate flooring and double French doors leading outside from the bay window. A full depth utility room lies directly off the kitchen.”

Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England white Kitchen 1


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Living room brown velvet sofas

Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Sitting room


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England bathroom pink vanity duravit sink tille wall

Loving the pale pink accents – so feminine without being too twee!

Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England serene pink gray bedroom


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England bathroom marble wall pink clawfoot tub


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England bedroom french doors


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England Bedroom with shiplap


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England White bathroom suite


Rhydyclafdy, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Scandi New England floor plan


I would say that the airy and breezy feel of the house captures the essence of a New England coastal retreat, though the exterior architecture is much more European/Scandinavian  in feel.

The exterior reminds me a little bit of the Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm in Newbury, MA.

from Wikipedia
from Wikipedia

Below is a project I did in Truro on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The naturalistic setting and shingled exteriors are quintessential New England coastal style.

Modern beach house in Truro, MA on Cape Cod
Photo by Paul Blackmore
Modern beach house in Truro, MA on Cape Cod living room with beige sofas
Interior Design by Linda Merrill | Photo by Paul Blackmore
Linda Merrill Design Truro Cape Cod Modern Beach House dining room hydrangea beadboard blue white
Interior Design by Linda Merrill | Photo by Paul Blackmore


I was searching for examples of Scandinavian architecture for comparison and came across an interesting image of a street in Brygge, Norway:

Photo by Gerd A.T. Mueller

Which reminded me immediately of:

Home for Christmas (Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas) by Norman Rockwell

So, in some ways, the Scandi New England connection makes a lot of sense! What do you think? Does Tyddyn Llwydyn feel like a Scandi New England home to you? I do think it’s a pretty fabulous home and would certainly feel very comfy there.

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I’ve put together a quick boutique so you can Get the Look of this beautiful home. Please note that this boutique contains affiliate links which means a small commission is paid on sales of these items, at no additional cost to the buyer. This helps support my blog – thank you!

22 thoughts on “A Fresh Scandi New England Style Home in Wales”

  1. Hehe just stumbled across your blog about this project of mine from a few years ago! Sooo thought I’d fill you in on the pronunciation…. In Welsh two L’s make a chhh noise and two D’s are a thhh sound , so it’s prounounced Tuthin Chlewidin …. It translates loosely to grey homestead ! I’m pleased you enjoyed the reference to New England styling, various elements were influenced by my time in Maine. The house has an interesting history and mixture of previous uses, mainly agricultural, so I think the fusion of styles you and your readers have picked up on reflects that blend ! Elle ( Another Coast @anothercoast

  2. Mixing styles artfully and getting such a beautiful result is not easy work. It feels like the styles are not mixed but somehow they melted and created a totally new, perfectly unified style. Exquisite!

  3. What a great house and write up, thanks for that! I’m like you – always curious how things are pronounced in Gaelic and Welsh (apparently being Irish has no bearing on my ability to intuit any of it) but this link has good basic explanation. I’m still not sure how to pronounce things but it satisfied my basic curiosity. https://www.cyclingwales.co.uk/welsh.html

  4. Wow, what a beautiful exterior this place has and lots of interesting elements on the inside. Such an interesting idea to explore the design styles of listings in other countries based on the description. Also, really like all your picks to “get the look”.

  5. This was so fun and an interesting way to view different architecture in other areas of the world. I also loved the boutique! Great ideas!

  6. Hi Linda: What a great idea..to see how one region’s architecture might be reflected/echoed/transferred in/to another region’s architecture. I found the comparisons you made a lot of fun to see and so interesting!

    And one thing I noticed about the Welsh house is the double french doors in the bay window in the kitchen. I’ve never seen that done before in a kitchen here, but maybe it has been, and I just haven’t seen it.

    Thanks, as always, for giving us eye candy food for thought and ..that home you designed in Truro? I am down for that view! Beautiful!

  7. What a cool home! The exterior is absolutely enchanting…like something out of a storybook. The interior is beautiful too, and so airy. I’d be interested to see what the interior looked like originally.

    • Hi Lauren – actually, you remind me that I saw an older real estate listing for this house and meant to link to it – will have to find it and will post it. Thanks!

  8. Hello Linda, Well, the house does seem to be a mix of many styles, who knows, maybe even a bit of New England thrown in. They need to get DNA testing for architecture to tell us the exact percentage of each background style. The house does have a lot of good points and eclectic interest–I would like to walk around and explore it. I am not sure if all of the current decor does it justice, but then, that is the fun of looking at houses–to see how we might do it different. By the way, I love your Truro project!

    • Hi Jim! I hope you’re well on your side of the world! Yes, I love real estate listings because it gives us the ability to explore someone elses homes and choices – without being creepy about it – lol. I just thought this house had an unusal flair that’s fun and I can see some New England sensibilities, though as you say, mixed in with a lot of other things


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