Newburyport Holiday House Tour – With a Holiday 2020 Twist!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the annual Newburyport Holiday House tour. I’ve enjoyed the tour many times over the last twenty years and am excited that they’ve been creative in continuing the tradition in an open-air and safe way! 2020 Holiday with a twist! 

This year’s tour benefits the Anna Jacques Hospital Aid Association – and let’s face it, hospitals need special help this year! And as the song goes, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!

Some details from the tour presenters:

This year’s 2020 Holiday House Tour will be held on Saturday, December 12th from 12:00PM to 5:00PM. We are turning things  “Inside Out” this year for a “contactless” driving tour of exterior homes and unique outdoor spaces. All of these outdoor sites will be festively decorated for the holiday season and inspired by each family’s traditions. Visitors will experience an afternoon sure to delight the whole family.

We will be decking out front porches, lawns, and even driveways filled with fun vignettes for tourgoers to view. Each home will have inspired decorations including a Pancake and Pajamas Breakfast, Fireside Après Ski and Champagne, Woodland Christmas Picnic, Christmas Morning Breakfast in Bed, and even a few vintage Cars decorated for a Holiday Tailgate. 

This year’s tour is presented by the Aid Association of Anna Jaques Hospital. Founded in 1888, its mission is support the Seacoast Regional Health Systems and the Anna Jaques Hospital  in cooperation with the Anna Jaques Community Health Foundation. All proceeds raised help provide the highest quality health care and improve the health of our community.  


Newburyport Christmas decorations white house shingled side door closeup 2020 Holiday

I wasn’t able to attend the tour last year (2019) because my brother was in from Colorado visiting (and this is not his bag!) and also because I had a new puppy at the time and wouldn’t have been able to leave her for so long.

Sansa Holiday 2020

Speaking of whom, Sansa will be joining me on this year’s tour. I still can’t leave her for as many hours as I’d need to drive up to Newburyport and back home, plus attend the tour. Because we will be outside and mostly driving around, I will be able to take her. The extended forecast looks good so far!

Here is a taste of some of the outdoor displays from Holiday House Tours past!

Newburyport Christmas decorations white house front door gas lanterns 2020 Holiday

 front door gas lanterns blue door Newburyport Christmas decorating house tour 2018 2020 Holiday

Plum Island Porch tree Newburyport Christmas decorating house tour 2018 2020 Holiday

Newburyport Christmas greens decorating outdoors

Newburyport Christmas entrance decorating 2020 Holiday


2020 Holiday


Newburyport Christmas barn doors bicycle decorating 2020 Holiday

More information and to purchase tickets here. I hope to see you up in my favorite Massachusetts city!

xoxo Linda

5 thoughts on “Newburyport Holiday House Tour – With a Holiday 2020 Twist!”

  1. I am so glad you will be able to attend this, this year, since Sansa is older now. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures on a future post, Linda!

    Thanks for this inspiring *tease* from years past..for what is to come. Have fun!

  2. What a great idea to overcome the norm during this virus challenges by holding an outside Christmas event. Love this idea that really could be used all year round for fund raising purposes. Sansa is adorable too!


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