Plum Wine Dispenser – Your Own Personal Sommelier

I’ve long said, one of the best parts of being a design blogger are all the amazing opportunities and events I’ve been lucky enough to take part it. This week presented another such opportunity – and boy, in mid-winter, mid-pandemic – it was much needed. (Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Plum Wine. See, already you know it’s going to be good. Wine time!).

You may be thinking that Plum Wine is a wine made from plums. Is there even such a thing? In any event, Plum Wine is actually an amazing appliance that is your own personal wine steward – aka sommelier.

Plum Wine dispenser Linda Merrill

The Plum Wine dispenser is a cloud connected appliance that comes in both counter top version or has a trim kit for built-in applications. It holds two bottles of wine – can be any non-sparkling wine – and will separately chill each bottle to the perfect temperature for that specific bottle and dispense pours in the exact amount of ounces you want. Bottles are not opened, but a needle pierces the cork or cap and argon gas is used to pressurize the bottle so that oxygen never comes in contact with the delicate grapes. Bottles can be kept up to 90 days (should that actually ever be necessary…).

plum wine_designhounds_instagram

So, what of this event I spoke of? I was selected by Design Hounds from Modenus to be a part of a group of design influencers to cover the launch of the inaugural PLUM Wine Heroes Council, aka brand ambassadors. Basically, my fellow design hounds and I got to participate in an online Zoom wine tasting with Plum Global President (and bona fide cutie) Andreas Hansen, executives from PerUs Wine (who provided us each with an amazing bottle of their 2016 Asseline wine), the newly minted Wine Heroes group, and members of the kitchen and home press.

Plum Wine Perus Wine with glass and flowers Linda Merrill

You gotta love an event where they provide the goodies!

Plum Wine Heros wide


Plum Wine Perus Wine in a glass Linda Merrill

This wine is amazing!

But, back to the Plum Wine dispenser.

There are two models available: a counter top version

Plum Wine dispenser counter top model white kitchen Linda Merrill

And one with a trim kit for built-in application:

Plum Wine dispenser built-in unit Linda Merrill


Here’s an excellent video review I found which showcases all the features in a nice neat way:

The PLUM Wine dispenser isn’t just for kitchens either. Last year, I designed a wine cabinet for a long-time client. I wasn’t familiar with this product so we didn’t design a space for it, but it would absolutely make the perfect addition to my client’s collection.

Linda Merrill Sudbury custom Wine Cabinet sketch

Linda Merrill custom Sudbury Wine Cabinet interior
Linda Merrill design custom wine cabinet interior (more photos to come!)

It’s also used in high-end hotels and I would think would be an amazing addition to a luxury Bed and Breakfast.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m not a big wine drinker and don’t have a wide level of experience with fine wines. I have certainly loved some wines I’ve tried in my life (including the PerUs from this week!)  I live alone and it would take me a long time to go through a bottle of wine. But I think this would be the perfect appliance for someone who loves a fine wine but maybe doesn’t indulge because they might only have a glass here and there. And let’s face it, if you’re spending some real money on a bottle you don’t want to either feel pressure to drink it up or let it go bad. Have kids in the house? This appliance has a PIN feature so that only those with permission will use it.

Thanks again to PLUM Wine, Perus Wine and Design Hounds for inviting me to participate in this fun event. The highlight of my week!



16 thoughts on “Plum Wine Dispenser – Your Own Personal Sommelier”

    • Hi Lisa – I totally agree. I enjoy a fine wine, but never indulge because it’s so hard for me to get through a bottle before it’s not in it’s prime drinking condition.

  1. This was a really great post about Plum! I too love that it can preserve a bottle of wine for up to 90 days. This is one appliance that I am fortunate to have in my own home and we are in the process of integrating it into our kitchen.

    It was great to see you virtually at the event, Linda!

  2. So much fun to see this event and learn more about the Plum Wine dispenser. Love love love that wine cabinet you designed too! I’m not particularly a wine connoisseur, in fact I know next to nothing except I like some wines more than others LOL, and now I need to check out that PerUs wine!

  3. I think the Plum is officially THE next “must have” kitchen appliance. Loved your post, your photos and your design of that amazing wine cabinet!

  4. What a great post for this fabulous wine dispenser. I loved learning more about it..and I love machines that educate you. I also love how it has a PIN number so that kids in the house can’t get into it.


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