Dream Home 2021 Final Layout and some sneak peeks inside

052821 1 Front Exterior Linda Merrill dream home 2021 final layout

I’ve spent the last week working on my Dream Home 2021 final layout and I’m really excited in the direction it’s gone in. Firstly, I really kept myself to the existing footprint. It’s over 4,000 sq. ft. That’s a big enough home for one woman, her friends and family to come visiting and one tiny little mini dachshund (and her live-in as needed puppy au pair!) So, just adding square footage to do everything I wanted was off the table.  Click here to see my introduction post for the Dream Home 2021!

The biggest changes are to the two bedroom wings. My original floorplan is directly below. On the left is the “Owner’s Wing” which included a large bedroom, walk-thru closets, a way-too-big bathroom and what was originally planned to be a small laundry closet with washer/dryer.  Because why schlep the laundry across the house to the main Mudroom/Pantry/Laundry room?

I’d originally placed the home office in the small room to the left of the front door, but realized that I could create a cut-thru from the kitchen directly into the dining room, which made more sense if I were hosting a formal dinner and had servers. So, where to put the home office?

My original plan had only two guest bedrooms, which made for nice big guest bedrooms, but also seemed skimpy for the overall size of the house.

051921 Linda's Dream Home 2021 floorplan

Do you remember those sliding puzzles from childhood? Do kids still play these?


Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Et voila: the Dream Home 2021 Final Layout!  (In the spirit of full disclosure, it’s not inconceivable there will be further changes, but not likely because I’m dying to get to the decorating part!)

I shrunk the bedroom down a bit and greatly reduced the size of the bathroom. I got rid of the laundry closet and was able to tuck in a home office. In reality, I’d probably still sit at the kitchen table as I do now when working from home, but it’s still good to have a place to file the paperwork and store the craft supplies.

I completely re-did the guest wing so there are now three bedrooms which are all more modest in size than originally planned, but I think the third bedroom was needed. The bathroom is the same size or slightly bigger since there would need to be more storage and counter space for three bedrooms.

One of my thoughts about the long halls flanking the deck was that they create a sound and privacy barrier for the bedrooms and I initially didn’t have windows on the side walls in the owner’s bedroom or the guest bedroom opposite. But that guest bedroom really needed another window, so they’ve been added. It’s a give and take!

One of the things I am super excited about is the private patio off the owner’s wing. It will have a hot tub, outdoor shower and little bistro set. I’m working out whether it will have a pergola type “roof” or awning situation. More on that to come.


052821 2 Floorplan Linda Merrill dream home 2021 final layout


Pro Tip:  It’s so important when planning a new build construction, or gut renovation, to bring in an interior designer/decorator right at the get-go. Function and flow are very important and as I’ve planned these rooms out, I’ve included to-scale furniture layouts so I can be sure that each space will work well and perform as needed. It’s very difficult to read a floorplan and imagine a real space and the volume. I’ve certainly worked with clients who have been very surprised that rooms that looked huge in plan are smaller than they thought and other spaces, like primary bedrooms, are cavernous and not cozy.

So, my process as I build up the design into renderings is to “paint” all the wood work white and the walls light gray. Simple and clean.  Below are some rendered peeks into what the inside is looking like. Note again, these are not the colors or specific furnishings I will end up with, it’s just a jumping off point.

The is the view from the front door looking towards the casual dining area out to the deck, pool and pool house. I’m thinking of this house like a flower that will slowly reveal itself. Quiet and classic in the approach and then fun times lay ahead! The front hall will have some kind of moldings – thinking board and batten and overhead lighting.

052821 3 Front entrance Linda Merrill dream home 2021

Which leads us to the casual dining area. TV seating to the left, kitchen to the right. It will definitely have a banquette seat and a statement chandelier. There will also be drapery panels across the wall. All to be determined.

052821 Linda Merrill Dream Home 2021 Great room sneak peek

Here’s the primary bathroom. I moved the WC to the outer wall so it could have a window and changed the original double doors to a single door out to the patio. Again, the tile and colors, mirrors, vanities, etc are just placeholders.

052821 3 Owner's Bathroom from door final layout

052821 4 Owners bathroom from outside door Linda Merrill dream home 2021 final layout

And similarly, all the finishes and colors in the guest bathroom are placeholders.

052821 Guest Bath from door Linda Merrill dream home 2021 final layout


052821 Guest bath shower out Linda Merrill dream home final layout 2021

I wanted to end with a few inspiration images I’ve collected as I start contemplating the pretty parts!

This Anna Elizabeth Fabrics pattern is so beautiful! It comes in several color ways. I’m currently torn between this one and a green/pink version.



I love the niche behind the cooktop!

I screen grabbed this image, but cut off the source, so I’ll add it when I find it. I’m thinking it’s a fabric company brand image. Love, love this whole style for a guest bedroom! Not sure my small guest bedrooms would accommodate it tho. (as said above, things might change!)

Let me know your thoughts – want to come stay yet?

14 thoughts on “Dream Home 2021 Final Layout and some sneak peeks inside”

  1. I loved reading this and seeing the floor plans for this dream house! What seems at first like it would be way too big, feels so right! I love how you laid it all out! I also like that you are using simple colors to define the spaces before adding decorative colors and patterns! Well done, I would love to see this come to life!!

    • You and me both on it coming to life Amy! Also, it just got bigger and is now 5,000 sq. ft, not including the pool house – because I can be very generous with myself with pretend money!

  2. Hello Linda, That is the difference between us. Now that you have gotten us thinking about dream houses, you are selecting the fabrics for yours, while I am planning the art for mine. Also huge amounts of shelving for thousands of books. Incidentally, does it make sense in your house for food from the kitchen to have to cross the main entry area in order to enter the butler’s pantry that leads into the dining room, or would it go through the informal living area, and two sets of doors? Either way, it seems like a lot of schlepping!

    • Hi Jim – Fabric is my art! As for the food – well, I won’t be doing the schlepping. But seriously, it’s actually not a big distance, though it IS more ideal when the kitchen abuts the DR directly. But at least it’s not up from the basement kitchens a la Downton Abbey! The Butler’s pantry will allow for staging and the hall is only 8FT wide. It’s definitely quicker than going through the informal living space. You will be happy to know I just added two bookcases flanking the LR fireplace with built-in window seats for quiet reading areas. Those details are coming. Also, I expanded the side front wings about 6ft wider since I was missing a staircase to the attic and basement. I don’t really have plans to use those areas, but it was bothering me there wasn’t access. So now the staircases up and down are in the garage.

  3. Linda, I’m so impressed with your Dream Home 2021 plans! The tweaking of your layout makes great real estate sense. I definitely see the need for extra bedroom and an easier pass through from kitchen to dining space! Can’t wait to see this come to fruition.

  4. Hi Linda ~ It’s so much fun to see how you’re planning your dream residence! What I really love is how one pattern can really give a small guest bedroom such a sense of coziness and, at the same time, make it look larger than it is because nothing is visually breaking up the volume.

    I definitely want to come and stay …and hang out with you at your kitchen table..and cook a great meal for you! Let me know when this gets built!


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