Mini Project Reveal – Custom Wine Cabinet

Last week I posted about the finished primary bathroom in my client’s mid-century Deck House in Sudbury, MA. This time, I wanted to share the custom wine cabinet I design with my client. He’s got an extensive wine collection but no basement to install a true wine cellar. So, the next best thing is a custom designed wine cabinet!

 Linda Merrill Wine Cabinet plans

He loves Mission style clean lines as well as Mid-century modern and was looking for something that fit in with the architecture of the house and be very functional. His initial thought was to build it in to look like it was part of the house out of a stained wood with a stone counter.  I felt there was enough wood (he has a collection of big Stickley Mission style wood pieces as well) and that a painted piece of furniture made a lot more sense.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Wine Cabinet closed

Simple, clean lined – just as my client likes it.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Wine Cabinet open

It truly comes to life when opened however with the stained wood racks and LED strip lighting which turns on when the doors are opened.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Wine Cabinet closeup

How cute are these handwritten labels on each of the wine bottles? My client did this himself – he has nice handwriting and a whole lot of patience.

Linda Merrill Cabinet Open with dog

Everyone is interested in the wine cabinet – ok, the cheese!

Here’s a nice collection of wine cabinets if you’re in the market! (Note this wine cabinet collection contains affiliate links – a small commission is paid on any sales resulting from clicking these links at no additional cost to the buyer. This goes to help support this blog. Thank you!)

15 thoughts on “Mini Project Reveal – Custom Wine Cabinet”

  1. What a beautifully and thoughtfully designed cabinet! I particularly like the way you incorporated the rift cut oak so the painted piece feels comfortable with the architecture of his home.

  2. Hello Linda, Since I don’t drink alcohol, designing a wine cabinet is one problem I will not face when designing my dream house. However, I very much admire the one you created, both the design and the color (you seem to have a knack with the color green). Most wine cabinets I have seen recently are those glass-door types, which seem commercial and even a little gauche, bragging “I appreciate fine (i.e., expensive) wine.” But with your handsome design, I can also imagine the same or similar piece with a different interior put to many other uses.


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