Meet the Makers: Odyssey Artisans

Hello –  I hope your week is going well! I want to introduce you to Odyssey Artisans. Odyssey Artisans specializes in contemporary art and home decor and are committed to sharing Africa’s vibrant, rich, and diverse cultural heritage. They carry a line of fine art by African contemporary artists and have launched a pillow collection featuring materials once reserved for African royalty and are reimagining a new life for traditional Ghanaian kente as lush home decor.

Meet Odyssey Artisans founders Eunice and Bernice Kyereme Ghanaian-American sisters who love Africa and African art.

Odyssey Artisans Bernice and Eunice Kyereme


Bernice and Eunice were born in Ghana and raised in the United States. Their parents raised them on stories of their Ghanaian hometowns Wamfie and Abisem in Brong-Ahafo inspiring the sisters to look deeper into Ghana’s cultural fabric and in turn to the emerging contemporary art scene. The sisters wanted to share this rich historic and contemporary artistic landscape with the world and Odyssey Artisans was born.

Their goal is to “foster sustainable economic growth for talented African and Diasporic artists and impact current and new generations of artists. In collaboration with talented artists from the African diaspora, we curate, deal art, and share stories that need to be told.”
Here are some of my favorite pieces:
Derrick Okanta Odyssey Artisans feedingthemind
Derrick Okanta “Feeding the Mind
Kelvin Agyepong Ansong Odyssey Artisans Visionary Leaders
Kelvin Agyepong Ansong “Visionary Leaders
Olanrewaju A. Adeyemi Odyssey Artisans Untitled
Olanrewaju A. Adeyemi “Untitled
Robert Commey Odyssey Artisans Treasured Child
Robert Commey  “Treasured Child
Their pillow collection, all made in Ghana, is fabricated from traditional Kente cloth patterns and are so vibrant and fun. Plus, the colors are filled with meanings and symbolism.
Odyssey Artisans Nana pillow - Made in Ghana
Nana pillow


Odyssey Artisans Ansu Pillow
Ansu Pillow


Odyssey Artisans Badu Pillow made in Ghana
Badu Pillow


I could definitely see these pillows in so many settings from casual to more formal, at the beach, the mountains or in a city space.

I truly believe that color is making a big comeback in interiors and I am on #teamcolor

Check out Odyssey Artisans here.

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11 thoughts on “Meet the Makers: Odyssey Artisans”

  1. I LOVE seeing colour! The patterns, the use of colour, and knowing that local artists have produced these, are all wins for me! Thank you for introducing them to us.

  2. What a fabulous introduction, Linda, Thank you!! I adore those pillows – they would add life to SO many spaces!

  3. This is such a wonderful post, Linda. I am so glad to see you featuring artists with diverse backgrounds. I love the art and the pillows, but especially that first piece of art.

    It’s perfect for #designhappyliving homes.

    Thanks for bringing the work of these two sisters to our attention.

  4. I love this blog post and the work and fabrics you featured are simply irresistible. I looked at their website and see why you are so inspired by it all! Great post LInda!

  5. Hello Linda, These pieces are like a fresh breeze after all the bland and copy-cat ‘dupe’ decor I have been seeing on the internet lately (yours and several other blogs/channels excluded, of course!). I love the kind of house where every piece has a story, and these pieces all have the story built in.


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