Project Peek: Mid-Century Modern Deck House Black Paint selections

Hello! I wanted to share a project peek of my mid-century deck house project – we’re painting the house black! We are currently in the process of making the final black paint decision, but I wanted to share some of my inspiration images and the paint colors we’re currently looking at. First, I just love a black house and think it’s a truly classic color – tho not very widely used. Why do I say classic? Because it works on houses from many architectural eras from the 17th Century Salem Witch House to Scandi styles, in both interiors and exteriors.

When my client purchased this amazing house, I immediately knew that the existing putty colored paint had to go and all I could see was a dark charcoal or black in my minds eye. I pulled together examples of modern structures with gray and black paint colors to show my client what I had in mind:

All black exteriors Dwell
via Dwell

I love how a black house just fades into its surroundings and also highlights the windows.

black mid century house
Source unknown


Source unknown
Mid century deck house black paint
source unknown
Rejuvenation black and wood house exterior
via Rejuvenation

I did an initial mockup of the concept of an exterior with black paint for my client’s review:

Linda Merrill Nashoba mockups black house whole

Linda Merrill Nashoba mockups black house door

We’ve narrowed the choices down to Benjamin Moore’s Black Panther and Black Satin.


Linda Merrill Mid-Century Modern black paint choices


I used Black Satin on the interior trim in this project and I really like how it’s a softer black – it has some depth.

What do you think? Is black paint the way to go? I will share the final results once the house is painted!

UPDATE! The final select was Black Panther. You can see more of this project here.

Linda Merrill Sudbury Deck house painted black panther 2


Linda Merrill Sudbury Deck house painted black panther 1

22 thoughts on “Project Peek: Mid-Century Modern Deck House Black Paint selections”

  1. Great post Linda! There are not a lot of homes that look great in black but your choice of painting this home Black Panther was spot on! The contrasting black draws attention to the sleek lines and mid century design. A perfect choice for such a rich color, chic as the day is long! Love love love it!

  2. Hi Linda.
    I came upon this looking for exterior colors for our house. I would like to go dark but am concerned this may not be the best choice due to our summer heat. We are desert like for many months. Should I consider one of the MCM whites that won’t absorb as much heat?
    Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Catherine – I think a lighter color is probably best in the a desert setting – it feels like the black would just suck up the heat and increase your cooling bills if nothing else.

  3. We’re in the process of painting out mid-century MA home black right now. (Though advertised as a Deck House in the real estate listing, we’re not 100% sure.) Thank you for this post as it helped with our decision making. Looking forward to seeing the end results of your project in a post. 🙂

    PS We went with Benjamin Moore’s Space Black since it reads pretty neutral while also being very dark and rich. Since our wood is painted over and likely in so/so condition, we didn’t do a wood-tone accent. Instead, we’re going with a semi-gloss of the Space Black for most accent locations. Kendall Charcoal will be used on the soffits and decks. We’re crossing our fingers that we can add some pseudo-wood warmth via Corten steel later on.

    • Hi D – thanks for commenting! So glad you found my post useful! For my client’s house, we went with Black Panther and painted trim. Still haven’t gotten around to taking a photo yet! I think next spring the front door will be painted some shade of terracotta. Good luck with your house!

  4. Yes, yes, and yes! We’ve used Black Panther in a number of interior projects and I just love it! Showing your clients a conceptual rendering is brilliant as you can truly see just how stunning their home is going to look!

  5. Yes yes yes! Perfect on this house! I love the satin black with the mahogany trim…it carries over the natural wood from inside to accent the exterior.

  6. Love the black Linda! There is a mid-century house I drive by every day on my way to work…it’s in Duxbury on Tremont St. across from the town hall…the new homeowners have painted it a dark color, a dark brown I believe, and its beautiful.

  7. Hello Linda, I have seen some handsome buildings clad in dark patinated bronze, and that is what your client’s house will look like. I wonder if you have even considered painting the trim the same color? I am torn–I like your bi-color mock-up, but I also like that first entirely dark house you show.


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