Working spaces: Mudrooms, laundry rooms and dog washing stations

Hello! As I’m putting the finishing touches on the multi-hyphenate Dream Home 2021 Mudroom-Laundry room-Dog washing station-Pantry-Guest resources space (I know, a mouthful!) I wanted to share some of my inspirations images for this hardworking space. This is the true working room of the house that as you will see which needs to serve multiple purposes. As the mudroom, it will be the regular everyday point of entry to the home for friends and family, and as such, needs to be beautiful as well as functional. Practical enough to do the laundry, wash and feed the dog and handle boots and coats in bad weather, but it also needs to be attractive and not look like the washroom. There needs to be lots of storage for extra pantry items and miscellaneous household small storage needs as well as serve as the coat room. And finally, given its location relative to the guest wing, I want the room to offer my guests a somewhat private space to grab an early morning coffee and snacks without having to head into the kitchen if they don’t want to. I could put these items in the individual guest rooms, but feel the rooms are neater without them and more could be offered from one central location.

And now, onto the inspiration!


As a mudroom, I wanted seating and coat storage. Because I’m only one person, I didn’t feel the need for dedicated shoe and coat cubbies as seen in many cute mudrooms and wanted to keep these items as out of sight as possible.

Murphy & Co. Design murphycodesign.commudroom dog bed
Murphy & Co. Design, photo by Troy Theis via Elle Decor

I like the super functional nature of this space below with the small desk area – a nice place to store take out menus, reading materials and supplies.

Aidan Design Mudroom
Aidan Design

I definitely wanted a bench seat, but was looking for something more comfortable and furniture like.

Bria Hammel Interiors mudroom Photo spacecrafting_photography Builder: Divine Custom Homes
Bria Hammel Interiors | Photo: Spacecrafting Photography


Hidden Laundry

This room is also the laundry – which isn’t generally welcoming and tidy. So under counter machines hidden behind doors was a priority.

Hidden laundry mudroom
Source unknown


Edward Deegan Architects hidden laundry
Edward Deegan Architects


Pet Care

This is also the space for giving my dog baths, feeding her and storing all her things (paperwork, leashes, etc). Since she’s prone to want to jump out of the bathtub, I wanted it higher up than many we see. The sink can then also be used as the utility sink for the laundry, but look a little nicer. The Dina Bandman space below was making the rounds on social media – how fabulous is this??!!

Dina Bandman Interiors dog washing station mudroom pantry
Dina Bandman Interiors

I love the look of these little doggy showers with glass doors. But wonder how one goes about actually washing the dog? The walls are too high to bend down over and what’s the point if you have to open the door to soap up the pooch? Maybe I’m missing something.

Harrison Design harrisondesign Photo Jeff Herr dog washing show
Harrison Design | Photo: Jeff Herr

I defiantly wanted a nice spot for food and water.

Trickle Creek Homes dog feeding station mudroom
Trickle Creek Homes

I contemplated a cute built-in dog bed as seen in this Murphy & Co space which would definitely replace a crate very nicely. But not sure this would be great for my own dog. I have another thought I’m working on for the dog in this space.

Murphy & Co. Design murphycodesign.commudroom dog bed
Murphy & Co. Design

Guest Resources and Comfort

Finally, I wanted to have a dedicated spot for my guests to be able to grab coffee and snacks on their own. These could be provided in the individual guest bedrooms, but it seems neater and more functional in one space. Given that the mudroom is off the same hall as the guest wing, it offers an out of the way yet accessible location for a really great little set up.

Humphrey Munson Design coffee station mudroom pantry laundry
HumphreyMuson Design out of the UK

I want to offer a coffee maker, tea and all the assorted things that go with those. My space will include refrigerator and freezer drawers to be stocked with beverages and snacks, ice and ice cream. A mini-bar that doesn’t come with a bill, if you will.

Kenowa Builders buildwithkenowa coffee station mudroom pantry guest
Kenowa Builders

In my next post, I will share all the finished renderings for this amazing space! Meanwhile, here are the materials and finishes.

Linda Merrill dream home 2021 mudroom laundry room guest resources room materials flat lay


xoxo Linda

14 thoughts on “Working spaces: Mudrooms, laundry rooms and dog washing stations”

    • Hi Denise – I think it really all depends on the specifics of the particular household. For instance, big dogs that routinely get wet and dirty would be bathed differently than my little 10 pound dog who doesn’t often get wet and dirty. I don’t personally keep laundry in the laundry room – I bring it in, wash it and take it back clean to where it’s going (bedrooms, etc). So boots on the floor are never going to affect my laundry. A larger family will have different needs, of course. But traditionally, laundry was done in basements, and still is in many homes, which aren’t terribly clean either. In my current Nook Cottage, my small back hall has my stackable laundry in a closet, no counters, all my coats and boots are there, and it’s where my dog uses her pee pad and we go in and out to the back deck. I guess I’m just used to it all mixed together – but not literally touching!

  1. Hello Linda, I think in part you are trying to reinvent the old-fashioned basement here, where all these activities used to take place and with room to spare. My last house had a clean basement with a porcelain-enamel table in the laundry area, perfect for folding things, plus a line for hanging certain items, etc. Currently, my washer and dryer are on the balcony that opens off the living room, the opposite of an ideal arrangement, so the mud rooms you show here would be a real luxury. Since the balcony is open to the rain, I just went through my annual exercise of scraping the seams of the dryer case, touching up the paint, then paste-waxing the whole shebang.

  2. I love it! The colors, the patterns, the line up of functions…I do love the built-in dog crate idea, so much prettier than a traditional wire crate – though I’ve never had a dog so I don’t really know how pets might like the idea. The coffee/tea/snack bar for guests is, selfishly, my favorite part 🙂


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