A Dream Mudroom, Laundry and more – Dream Home 2021

Hello friends! I am thrilled to be able to share my design for the Dream Home 2021 Mudroom / Laundry / Dog washing station / Guest Resources room! You can read about my inspirations and decision making for this space here. At the bottom of this post will be all the products and resources I used in the design. (If you’re new to this virtual Dream Home design series, you can read all about the genesis of the project here. )

First – a little orientation. The mudroom laundry is marked on the floor plan in yellow. As you will see, it’s about the same size as the kitchen which is to the left. As you can see from the plan below and the exterior rendering above, the mudroom laundry is conveniently located off the garage and from the outside, would be the first door off the driveway and is where the wheelchair ramp leads to. These “side doors” in Cape Cod style homes are routinely the main entrance to the home and the official front door in the center is rarely if ever actually used. I’m still planning on the front door to be the formal entrance, but in reality (if this were a real home) nearly everyone would enter the home through this room. So, I tasked myself with creating a space that is welcoming and friendly, but also serves a lot of needs. I would also say that since this is my dream home, it’s in service to my specific needs and the way I live. When a designer is creating a home for a client, we design to their specific needs.  So a laundry in the entry room might not make sense for someone with a big family and lots of laundry or those who like to set up drying racks or hangers for clothes. That’s not how I do my laundry.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Floorplan Mudroom Laundry

Here is the view from the cross hall. On the right is the “working space” and on the left is the storage and guest resources space, which I’ll describe below.

 Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom laundry from hall

You may have figured out that I love the color green. I do have to keep myself from going over board. The kitchen also features green cabinets in a similar but more moody tone.  I wanted this space to be cheerful and light.

In the image below, you see the garage door on the far left in the hall and on the far right is the door to the attic stairs. I haven’t fleshed out this space yet but it would contain the storage for items such as an ironing board, vacuum (the house is theoretically fitted with a central vacuum system) and other necessary but not pretty household items.

For the central cabinet run, on the left is the guest coffee/snack station. There are pull out refrigerator and freezer drawers on the bottom, the middle cabinet would open to a coffee/espresso station, electric tea kettle and other snacks and the upper cabinet would be longer term storage. The larger cabinet on the right would be the coat and boot/shoe closet. The central space for the usual household stuff – batteries, menus, maps (lol – does anyone use a map these days??), local tourist info. This is meant to provide guests with a quick way to grab a coffee or tea and fruit/snacks without having to rummage around the kitchen. I would stock this with their personal favorites. I considered whether I’d want to include a smaller set up in each guest bedroom but decided I could offer more in one location and it would be cleaner for the bedrooms. Plus, I’m not running a hotel, if I had guests, they would likely either already know each other or be related to each other.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom laundry Pantry wall

And now we come to the “working” side which includes under counter washer and dryer on the left, a dog washing sink and the dog zone cabinets with built-in bowls. I could also put a cushion in the open space but I know my dog, she’s not likely to use it. There is a pull out drawer for additional surface space such as preparing her food. The upper cabinets would be extra pantry space and all Sansa’s accoutrement – food, paperwork, leashes, etc.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Sink wall wide Mudroom laundry

And the view towards the halls. You can see the Guest Wing hall through the double doors. The sliders on the right head out onto the deck and you can see part of the 2nd guest bedroom at the end of the hall. I showcased the 1st Guest Bathroom which is ADA/wheelchair compatible here.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Mudroom Pantry from outside open hall Mudroom laundry

Another view of the coffee station. The hall is still a bit of a decorative work in progress but I like that it doesn’t really call attention to itself and kind of blends in.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom pantry counter closeup Mudroom laundry

Closeup to the dog washing sink which would also double as a utility sink for the laundry and whatnot as my dog is really only washed a few times a year.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Sink closeup angle Mudroom laundry

There’s a cute surprise hidden in the sink! I found these super cute little paw print tiles on Etsy (source below) and knew I had to incorporate them somehow.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Sink overhead close

Since this mudroom laundry is a visible space, I wanted to hide the washer and dryer.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom laundry closed

My plan would be for the doors to be pocket style and slide in to the sides of the machines when in use. It was a little harder to render, so you’ll have to use your imagination!

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom Laundry open

A few other thoughts about the room design as a whole – Edith Wharton believed that a home’s entry should allow the visitor to transition comfortably from outside to inside. I wrote a little about this philosophy here after I visited The Mount, her home in the Berkshires. And so, my selection of green cabinets, blue ceiling and a beige toned unfussy ceramic tile floor recreate the feeling of outdoors.

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Dream Home 2021 Mudroom laundry from hall

The adorable wallpaper depicts an outdoor theme as well.

Wallpaper York Squeeze the Day Green

View Dream home mudroom 360 in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.

(Pin for future reference.)

Linda Merrill Dream Home Mudroom Laundry Pin


Resources – The Mudroom Laundry

(All resources are linked below.)

Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Mudroom Pantry materials flatlay

(Please note this shopping boutique contains affiliate links. A small commission is paid on any sales resulting from clicking these links at no additional cost to the buyer. This goes to help support this blog. Thanks!)

Cabinet Paint: Farrow & Ball Yearbridge Green #287

Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore Sea View 836

Flooring: MSI Charisma White 12 x 24 Matte

Counter: Caesarstone Organic White 4600

Subway Tile: Nemo Tile, Cape Cod/Osterville, Gloss Finish, 3 x 12

Bench Seat Fabric: Thibaut Crypton Rajah in Marine Blue, W73361 (to the trade only, inquire for purchasing)



Stay tuned for the finished Great Room! Coming Soon!

091821 Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings Drream home great room

18 thoughts on “A Dream Mudroom, Laundry and more – Dream Home 2021”

  1. Love it. Definitely a dream laundry room. Absolutely love the dog washing station, and I love green. I would probably rarely cover the washing machine, because I like to leave the door and detergent drawer open all the time to air them out and prevent mold, but it’s nice to have the option to cover them.
    I know that you don’t intend to use the front door much, but it would be really lovely to have a Georgian/Colonial overhang over the entry, to give it some presence and visitors protection from the rain. Besides, drawing it up is cheap- however, building it is another story!

    • Hi Karen – thanks! I agree, I’d likely leave the doors to the washer/dryer open as well, unless I knew someone were coming by. I do the same in my current house where I have curtains across the laundry closet. But I never draw them closed!

  2. Hello Linda, My only concern about this design is that you have created a sublime mud room, but perhaps at the expense of a true laundry area. Since laundry is frequent and universal, I might want to make the mud room a little smaller, and have a true laundry, with a permanently standing ironing board. (I realize that I would be better off if I could iron, but I also know if the ironing board were not already set up, I would never bother.) This scheme (at least for me) would also reduce that “sea of green” with all its mysterious cabinets.

    • Hi Jim – what’s wrong with a “sea of green”!?? LOL – never enough green for me. But seriously, I’m not one to require a big laundry – I rarely iron and would never do more than bring in the wash, wash it and dry it, and return to where it belongs. As I said in the post (I think, maybe I need to go back and re-read it) the home is designed for my own needs, other’s would likely have different needs and I would design for them. There is room for a utility closet off the mudroom where the stairs lead to the attic, so that would hold an ironing board if it were needed. I would also have an ironing board in the owner’s wing as well since it’s a long walk between the two spaces. There is also a planned washer/dryer in the Pool House. My original concept for the owners wing had its own small laundry closet but I nixed it in favor of a home office/craft room. Though, when I get back to that wing, who knows, maybe I’ll figure out how to put it back in.


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